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First food reblog. Why this one? Because it looks like the bread is turning into an alien life form, and because the sandwich looks like it would be extremely tasty.

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When I was younger (about 12) I was a bit obsessed with the cooking programme ‘Two Fat Ladies’. For anyone not familiar with the show it was, well, two 60+ women who were fat and cooked recipes. As if that wasn’t enough they travelled around on a Triumph bike – one of them driving and the other in a sidecar! They cooked a lot of traditional and forgotten recipes, many containing lard, and cooked with hands adorned with rings. They sang and drank wine while they cooked and went out for a cigarette break when they had something in the oven!

Anyway, they made quite an impression on me and one of their recipes has stuck in my mind for over 15 years and I finally decided to have a go at making it my own way.

A Shooter’s Sandwich is an Edwardian invention designed for taking along for eating…

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Ginger Noodles (Have No Soul!)

I was thinking I should prettify the page a little,  give it a header, customize… then I thought, that can wait. If this surprises you, you have not yet read my About page, which I just wrote. Go ahead and do that. I’ll wait.

Instead of new-blog decorating, I thought I would dive in and give the least recipe-related cooking tip I am likely to ever write, based on tonight’s dinner.

Even though I don’t really like it much, I sometimes still eat Ramen. It’s ridiculously easy and, once the water’s boiling, inhumanly fast. Sometimes I doubt it’s made of real food. So, it has two qualities I appreciate in food. But, like I said, I don’t really like it…

I’m sure there are millions of people who add things to their Ramen noodles. If I had some green onions to throw in I would have done that, but they’re not something I usually keep in the house. (That’s another problem with recipes. They require you to either keep your kitchen stocked all the time or go out and buy stuff specifically for the recipe. No thanks…) What I do have, and happily takes only a few extra seconds to toss in, is ground ginger. It adds so much flavor, cuts the saltiness (for me, anyway), and requires no extra utensils.

The thing you have to watch out for is adding too much. Ginger is a pretty strong spice, especially if what you have is any good, and despite how high-sodium those little seasoning packets are, they don’t have that much flavor. Hence the additions… so, start with a very small amount. If you think it needs more, that’s easy enough, right?

Because I Love Food, That’s Why.

I’ve been thinking about a food blog for a while. Many different inspirations – Looking at different food-related posts  here, the movie Julie & Julia (and really any scene in tv or movies where they show or talk about cooking…), things I make that are just f*&^ing excellent…

Right now, I have to leave work (Yes, I am doing this at the office! I am such a terrible person). Can’t fill you in on things the way I’d like. For now:

I am under construction: check back later for a post about food, blogging, and cooking without recipes.


EDIT: My first post. Such nostalgia… it is interesting to me how such a simple, small idea can sort of expand and become something that I really enjoy–that a blog that was originally just for food has become more of a fun place where I can post whatever I want. (I suppose I could do that on any personal blog, but it is nice to have a focus sometimes, isn’t it?) I would delete this post, since there’s barely anything to it, but I think it’s worth leaving it to remember how this whole project started…

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