Because I Love Food, That’s Why.

I’ve been thinking about a food blog for a while. Many different inspirations – Looking at different food-related posts  here, the movie Julie & Julia (and really any scene in tv or movies where they show or talk about cooking…), things I make that are just f*&^ing excellent…

Right now, I have to leave work (Yes, I am doing this at the office! I am such a terrible person). Can’t fill you in on things the way I’d like. For now:

I am under construction: check back later for a post about food, blogging, and cooking without recipes.


EDIT: My first post. Such nostalgia… it is interesting to me how such a simple, small idea can sort of expand and become something that I really enjoy–that a blog that was originally just for food has become more of a fun place where I can post whatever I want. (I suppose I could do that on any personal blog, but it is nice to have a focus sometimes, isn’t it?) I would delete this post, since there’s barely anything to it, but I think it’s worth leaving it to remember how this whole project started…

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