Hold It Right There… Now, Spread ‘Em!

I want to tell you about my new food love, which I totally forgot about until I walked into the pantry yesterday to inspect my food and was reunited with this:


Cocoa almond spread from Trader Joe’s. I spotted this while shopping and knew I had to have it. I thought, this will be like Nutella, but better! And I was right.

I used to really LOVE Nutella, back when I hardly ever got to have it, but a few years ago I sort of hopped off the Nutella train. I don’t have a problem with it at all, but I just found myself not caring that much once it was around all the time. That, of course, makes me sound like a hipster. Maybe I never loved Nutella as much as I thought I did… I still like it, mind you. Just not as much as everyone else seems to.

Almonds are my favorite nut. I like them a lot more than hazelnuts. And they make marzipan (right? They’re in that?) and awesome cookies and amaretto. So, yeah. Almonds.



I’m eating some of this right now on a piece of standard grocery store multigrain bread. I’d prefer it on a croissant, or maybe a sweet bread, like challah… or I could put it on COOKIES. Wow, that would be delicious. Or fruit slices. I could dip pretzel sticks in it. I don’t have pretzel sticks, nor do I particularly like pretzels, but I could. I could just eat it off my fingers. No one else is eating from this jar. Go. Nuts.


Ha. Get it? That wasn’t even intentional.

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