The Evolution of a Blog, Not That It Really Matters.

I started this blog intending it to focus on food, and until a few days ago, when I changed the blog name to match the link, that was how I looked at it. I will still write about food, of course. But I was having this problem…

I have another blog that’s just for writing. You can go see it here: There, I try not to ramble on about things that aren’t related to writing. I’ll write about life developments occasionally, but the focus of that site is my writing and, sometimes, the process behind it. I kept feeling the desire to write about food, to share when I make something really delicious without following a recipe (which happens the majority of the time I actually cook anything. Not bragging, just sharing…). So then I started this blog to do that. But I also feel I want to write about other things sometimes. Tidbits of life or whatnot. And I was thinking, “How many blogs do I actually want to have?”

The answer was, not actually more than two.

Luckily, the link name for this blog was “norecipelife” (an option that seemed cooler than “norecipefoodblog.wordpress…”), so, my brain connected some dots and said to me, hey, just make the blog No Recipe Life, and then you’ll be justified in writing about other things here. That’ll keep your blogs down to a minimum.

Seemed like a good plan. At some point I want to turn my writing blog into something resembling an actual writer’s website, so I don’t want to clutter it up with other crap. But I’m happy to clutter this, more personal blog! I’m thinking I will still write mostly about food, but now I’ve opened it up to talk about other things as well.

Speaking of food: My idea about making mini pies has been put on hold until I have more money to buy pie ingredients. My food budget has gone way down lately due to the fact that I spend more money than I should. So, no pies. I did, however, whip up some kind of fried-dough-coconut-pancake thing from stuff I had lying around. Let me tell you a little bit about them. (no pictures. Sorry.)

I know the basic components of pancake batter, although one of them is Bisquick, which apparently has components I’m not aware of, if you remember my failed cheesy biscuits post. I got a little bag of shaved coconut, but a somewhat fresher version, not like the totally dried-out kind you’ll usually buy at the grocery store. I still have too much left and I need to figure out what to do with it, but that’s a story for later.

Anyway, for some reason I just decided I wanted to fry some dough. Or batter. So, I mixed up some flour, almond coconut milk, an egg, a tiny bit of vanilla, and a palmful of coconut. After tasting a tiny bit it seemed too bland, so I added sugar as well. Amounts, you ask? Some, but not too much. I really didn’t actually measure the ingredients, although measuring cups were involved.

I poured most of the rest of my canola oil into a pan, heated it up, and poured. If I ever make this again, I think I’m going to try to fill them with fruit or jam, because almost all of them ended up being folded over before they were flipped.

In the end, they didn’t really taste like pancakes or fried dough. Thanks to the coconut and the sugar, they were lightly sweet and tropical, but not so sweet that I felt bad about calling it breakfast. I have one left, on which I plan to put some cocoa almond spread. I have high hopes for this thing.

Perhaps this was a cluttered post. I apologize. Now that I’ve gotten all this information out of the way, I’ll aim to organize things better. The last thing I want to do it confuse you… but sometimes, you just can’t help yourself.

I think I’m going to make this frypancake thing again, and at that point I will hopefully get pictures, and I will give you a better idea of how to make them. In the meantime, just think pancakes, but put more oil in the pan.

Also, don’t use a plastic spatula to flip them. Mine got a little warped in the oil.

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