Easiest Pumpkin Spice Latte! (Success.)

Not being able to afford frequent $4 coffee drinks, I’ve been glancing with mild interest across all kinds of pumpkin latte recipes to make at home to save some money. I can’t make espresso at home, of course, so it would be more of just pumpkin coffee.

I tried the via instant kind, and it’s just not very good. The vanilla ones are ok. The pumpkin ones are disappointing, because you just hope it will be good but it’s too sugary and barely tastes like pumpkin at all.


But, having a pumpkin-related idea, I had to try it out. If you like a pumpkin spice latte and want to make them at home, here’s a good and REALLY easy way to approximate one:

1. Brew coffee. Whatever variety you have is fine. Any preference will work for this. If you make espresso, you’d probably have to mix it with cream or milk first and then go to step 2, but as I said, I don’t make espresso at home, so you’ll just have to improvise I guess…

2. Put one small scoop of pumpkin ice cream into a mug. I prefer Trader Joe’s variety, as it has the pumpkin pie spices mixed into it already.

3. Pour fresh, hot coffee over ice cream and stir until ice cream is completely melted. I also added a little half and half just to increase the amount of liquid in my mug.

optional 4: Garnish with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice.

And enjoy!

I think it tastes very close to the starbucks psl, but somehow better – richer, maybe, since I’m flavoring it with ice cream instead of pumpkin syrup. This time I used a vanilla coffee, but I’m thinking I’d prefer it with a smooth, earthy dark roast.


P. S. I did something resembling baking earlier today, so I’m planning to post about it very soon.

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  1. Reblogged this on The No-Recipe Life and commented:

    I think this post from last year about making an at-home pumpkin “latte” bears repeating! As before, I’m not using espresso because I can’t make that at home, but the ice cream makes it frothy on top so it looks vaguely like a latte. I haven’t been adding any whipped cream to the top either, or extra spices, but you’re free to decorate however you want!

    Last year, Trader Joe’s was completely out of pumpkin ice cream when I went back looking for a second carton, so I bought two the last time I went. If you’re lucky they’ll still have it now, but I bet you can find pumpkin ice cream other places too.

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