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Do you ever have random cravings for foods you don’t usually eat? Mine lately have been butternut squash ravioli and, for some reason, French Toast Crunch cereal. Which I have not eaten in years.

I ordered a Thanksgiving turkey from Whole foods. While I’ve been near many turkeys during the cooking process, I have never actually done it. If I understand my Thanksgiving plans correctly, I will not actually have to cook it myself, although I suppose I should look up cooking times for turkeys just in case it would have to be started at 6 in the morning…

Is it stupid to plan what shoes I want to wear on Thanksgiving? I mean, I’ll be inside for most of it, I don’t really need shoes.

I ruined an omelet last night. I still ate it, but it was browner on the outside than I would have liked. Apparently I didn’t rinse my pan very well just before cooking, because the thing also tasted very mildly of soap. Unfortunately, a mild taste of soap is still enough to be kind of gross. I was not about to waste three eggs and half a tomato though. I will say that the cheese was perfectly melty. Next time I will make sure my pan is rinsed better and not be talking on the phone while cooking.

Now, in the midst of my three cups of coffee with Grey’s Anatomy playing in the background (yes, I watch it, and I will not apologize for it. Principal Feeney!), I am going to talk about Yesterday’s Lunch.

I ordered from The Proper Slice in Brighton yesterday. It’s a pizza joint near Oak Square, and discovering it has been probably the only perk of the location of my work. Not that it makes the hour-long commute worth it, but it’s really good and I doubt I would ever have found it otherwise. Yesterday I got a Chicken Parmesan sandwich and an order of fries. An order of fries is much too big for one person, if that one person feels the same way about fries as I do.

The best way I can think of to describe The Proper Slice is gourmet guy food. I have to be honest, I’ve always been a fan of guy food – I love sandwiches and pizza and all that stuff. (Not beer, but that’s a different story.) Buying one slice of pizza there costs $3 for plain, $4 for anything else, and you get a WHOLE QUARTER of a pizza. Because that’s how they define one slice. It’s a pretty fantastic way to get a nice lunch for little money. The sandwiches are also nice and big; I can eat one of them for two meals. They use really good bread for it and, even if the ingredients might be prepared a bit ahead of time, you can tell they’re fresh, good stuff. And they use ingredients like prosciutto, truffle oil, gorgonzola – they’re not skimping on quality or quantity. I say it’s “guy food” because it’s big portions and the combinations aren’t light fare, at all. Also, as far as I’ve seen only guys work there. They’ve all been really friendly so far.

The pizza is good. For my palate, it’s more or less your standard pizzeria taste, with excellent ingredients as I’ve said before. I’ve tried a few of the sandwiches. The Chicken Parmesan is a tasty treat. Definitely worth it. I’ve also enjoyed the Turkey Melt and the Grilled Chicken (with honey mustard, if I remember). So far I’ve been afraid of the Proper Burger – I’d have to be in a really ambitious mood. Unfortunately, the Chicken Valdostana didn’t go over well. It sound really good on the menu, but in execution, it was just too much of too many strong flavors. The prosciutto and provolone overpowered the chicken and anything else on it, and oversaturated my tongue with the effect of salt and strong cheese. If you’re into really strong flavors, you might like it, but it was too much for me.

My only complaint is that there isn’t an option for smaller portion sizes. A half-order of fries for $2 would have made much more sense for me all around, and if I could buy a half-sandwich for $5 or so, I would probably order from there more often. Their sandwiches are $9, and considering the size of them I’d say that’s fair. However, I can’t afford that too often. I don’t know how practical it would be for them to offer smaller, less expensive versions of their menu items, but it would definitely be incentive for me to walk through that door more often. I give them a 92 out of 100 (I’ve decided to grade restaurants with academic grades instead of stars).

I don’t do Christmas until after Thanksgiving — in fact, until it’s actually December. Sorry, consumer industry, that’s just how I roll. This is the thing I really look forward to: Egg Nog. I love egg nog. Not even the kind with rum in it, just plain old, pour it into a glass and drink it up egg nog. Guess what I’m planning to do this year? Egg nog pancakes. I doubt it will go perfectly, as I don’t think I’ve ever made a “pretty” pancake in my entire life. However, I’m still really excited about this. Oh, the possibilities!..

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