Crescent roll mini “quiche”

It’s been so long that I can’t remember where I got the idea anymore, but I’d decided to experiment with some kind of egg muffin dish, with pie crust. But then, crescent roll crust seemed easier, so that’s what I used instead.

I broke open my roll of rolls, unrolled them, and lined each space in the muffin tin with dough. By then I was on a roll. (forgive me for the horrible punning…)

I mixed three or four eggs and some milk (probably should have had some flour in there or something too), and set that aside, then went to chop up a bunch of ingredients. I won’t bore you with the ingredient prep, as it was nothing special and therefore not worth writing about, but the end result was this: Tomato and mozzarella cups (I only made 4 of them for some reason, and I will never know why. Should have made 6), and ham, broccoli and cheddar cups (8! That was too many! Worked out pretty well for leftovers, though.)


It took about 1 and 1/2 packages of crescent rolls, and I think I used 4 eggs, mixed with 1/2 cup of milk. For other ingredients, I you can just eyeball how much you want to use, if you make something like this. Just chop up some stuff and throw it in. Note: use more cheese than you think you need. I could hardly taste the cheese at all. 😦

I had the oven at 350°, and cooked them until some of the pastry edged were starting to get brown. In one or two of the cups, the egg didn’t completely set, but it was ok. The crescent rolls puffed up a lot as they baked, making it look like I’d put way too much egg in, but mostly they went back down a little by the end…

The ham and broccoli ones were good, sort of standard omelet fillings in a muffin-like form. The tomato mozzarella ones were so delicious. The way that tomatoes release their flavors when they’re baked… welcome to my taste buds.


I wanted to use up the last 4 crescent rolls, so I got out some fillings to make sweet pastries. I made one with chocolate almond spread and three with jam, raspberry and apricot. The apricot ones were my favorite. I put whipped cream on the top, which of course promptly slid off when I picked up the pastry. I used the temp in the instructions on the crescent roll package.




They were hard to fold properly. It might be easier to just spread the filling on and then roll them up like regular crescent rolls. If I ever do that again that’s what I might try. However, it seems like a better idea to do it with pie crust instead. What do you think?





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