In which “post” has two meanings. Get it?

Nothing particularly exciting happened for Thanksgiving. Nothing really noteworthy about cooking, unless you consider the sheer amount of food for just three people. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans with almonds, parmesan asparagus, butternut squash, apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie, Newton’s Folly cider, apple pie moonshine (which I will never have again), wine. I, of course, drank ate too much and got sick.

After dinner we watched The House of Yes, which happens to take place on Thanksgiving, but otherwise was not exactly a festive choice. Really weird movie. Parker Posey is cool.

On the way home, I just barely missed the train at each stop and had to wait another ten minutes or so. I was only thinking, “Come on, guys, it’s Thanksgiving. Can’t you wait an extra minute?”

Now, a brief story:

Trying to plan a time to refinish the wood of the kitchen floor is, to say the least, frustrating. Unless you’re going out of town, there is no such thing as a convenient time. The time we decided on was Friday after thanksgiving/Saturday, with the plan of having a working stove and fridge again on Monday.

Being kitchenless is also frustrating.

Can’t prepare food, and don’t have the ability to refrigerate leftovers, so you either have to buy non-perishable things that don’t need to be prepared, or go out. I of course did the former because it’s cheaper, but having the perfect excuse to go out, I wasn’t going to pass it up…

One of the perks of a relationship, supposedly, is having a built-in doing-stuff buddy. Being “single” (in quotes for reasons too personal and complicated to go into here), I don’t have one of those. Finding people who, first of all, want to hang out with me, and second, have the availability and money to do so at the time when I want/need to go is not easy. Many of my friends are too far away to make regular plans with, and of the ones who are near, they’re often busy or broke. I’m not complaining about you, guys, I love you, but it gets lonely sometimes.

But just because I’m by myself doesn’t mean I’m not going to go out and have a nice meal somewhere. If I really want to do something I’m not going to get my lack of company stop me. Hence, the Lonely Dining label is born. The thing is, when you’re Lonely Dining, you pretty much just have to focus on the food. Having a book is not a bad idea, but personally I find it hard to hold a book open and eat at the same time, especially considering how much I love sandwiches.

I’m hoping I won’t have lots of opportunities to post Lonely Dining, but just in case, I created a title for it. I guess I thought it would make me feel less lonely.


In a nutshell: I don’t mind doing things by myself, but I often wish it were easier to find people to do things with me.

On Canary Square: I didn’t rate the food at the time because I was posting from my phone. Let’s recap: The coffee is good. Not impressive, really, but certainly not bad, so unless you’re feeling a mixed drink I’d definitely recommend the coffee. The potatoes were plain and simple, cooked well, great with ketchup. I prefer home fries with herbs and spices, but I had no problem with these.

The sandwich was the highlight. The bacon was cooked just the right amount, not too crispy. The tomatoes were nice, evenly sliced – not exceptionally flavorful, but no problems there either. The avocado was really good. Smooth and creamy. You could tell how fresh it was. And the mixed greens were also fresh, no limp or slimy pieces to be seen, with a nice light dressing atop it.

The freshness is the main thing. You can tell they’re using fresh ingredients and it pays off, especially in simpler dishes like what I had ordered. I was very happy with it. Also, I think they give you a fair portion for the price, so you don’t feel like you’re overpaying. Prices are moderate anyway, especially for brunch dishes and sandwiches. I would go there ALL THE TIME – but for the atmosphere. It was friendly and my server was nice, but it feels like a place you go with other people. Where are all my people?


If you stay tuned, more posts to come about various cooking experiments.

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