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Oh what a beautiful salad…

Oh, what a messy, wet day…

Hello, there. You may remember me from such posts as Lonely Dining, or the not-really-quiche mini-quiches. Then again, it’s been so long since I’ve written anything, you might not remember. I am sorry to all those who’ve been good enough to follow this blog that I’ve started slacking so much. I was going to start with an explanation of why I haven’t been posting and then promise to do so more, but really, the truth is that I’ve just been lazy and that might happen again frequently. I had intended to post more here, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening, and really, why force it?

I’m starting to switch over to healthier eating. This doesn’t mean I still won’t cook delicious things, but I’m much more likely to have interesting, tasty vegetables and a lot less sugar. Salads. Salad is a great recipe-less dish. You just chop up a bunch of stuff and mix it together. Easy. This is today’s lunch:  Read the rest of this entry

Hungry Cat

This must be one of the top 3 cat pictures of all time. Plus, food.

I Has A Cat

Hungry Cat

“Never ask a hungry cat whether he loves you for yourself alone.”

— Louis Camuti

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Amazing Scrambled Eggs!

I just made some awesome scrambled eggs. At least, they were the beginnings of awesome scrambled eggs. There’s room for improvement. No pictures because I just wanted to eat breakfast, but let me tell you how it went…


It all started when cracking two eggs into the pan to fry over-easy (my favorite eggs) resulted in a broken yolk. I was going to continue to fry them, but changed my mind, grabbed a spatula, then scrambled them around a bit. To make the eggs smoother, I poured in a bit of milk. I would normally have used half and half, but I was almost out and needed it for coffee. Mixing up the eggs and milk turned the whole thing into a perfect jumble without any of those big clumps, which are the reason I so often do not like scrambled eggs. I sprinkled on a bit of cheese (wait until it’s at least half cooked, cheese doesn’t take long to melt and you probably don’t want to risk it burning), then at the end added smoked paprika to kick up the flavor.

I probably should have added less milk. There was a bit of liquid pooling on my plate that seemed kind of weird, but it didn’t affect the taste, and of course the eggs were cooked perfectly, so no big deal. I’d recommend adding half and half, or cream, and not very much of it. You do need to add enough so that it can saturate all of the eggs.

Have a fun breakfast!

What Do You Crave?

It’s happened to everyone. You’re going about your day, everything is normal. Then all of a sudden – say, sitting at your desk, or while reorganizing your shelves, or in the middle of some kind of business meeting – all you want is a chocolate milkshake.

It came out of nowhere, and it could have just been a passing moment, but instead, the thought takes root. You can see that chocolate milkshake chilling out in your mind (hehe). It might even ruin your concentration, you want it so much.

You get the idea. It could be any number of things – a cookie, a panino (which is the actual singular, btw), a lamb kebob. And often it will go away after a while, even if you don’t get the thing you wanted. For the time being, though, your stomach and/or taste buds are in control.

Oddly enough, this has been happening to me a lot. There are a few things I’ve been craving all the time lately.

1. Burritos. I don’t know what it is about the burrito, but they’re just DAMN delicious. And I feel like I want them all the time. However, even though I often have the opportunity, just any burrito isn’t going to suffice. I need a really good one. And that is why I am sitting here, craving a burrito, right now. With guacamole.

2. Burgers. Nice big juicy ones, with melty cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a tasty, toasty bun. I tend to more often come across that substitute burger, which is good, but is a different animal than that two-handed, drippy mess I’m wishing for. (Not literally, though. I hope it’s still made of cow…)

3. Cannoli. Is there any need to explain this one?

4. Jalapeno poppers. They sure are delicious, but I cannot figure out why I constantly want these. I even crave them WHILE I’M EATING THEM. I think I have a sickness. I’m addicted to the particular combination of creamy cheese and jalapeno battered, crumbed, and deep fried…

I bet you have cravings all the time. What do you crave? Spicy? Sweet? Chinese? Indian? Seafood? All of these at once?

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