Oh what a beautiful salad…

Oh, what a messy, wet day…

Hello, there. You may remember me from such posts as Lonely Dining, or the not-really-quiche mini-quiches. Then again, it’s been so long since I’ve written anything, you might not remember. I am sorry to all those who’ve been good enough to follow this blog that I’ve started slacking so much. I was going to start with an explanation of why I haven’t been posting and then promise to do so more, but really, the truth is that I’ve just been lazy and that might happen again frequently. I had intended to post more here, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening, and really, why force it?

I’m starting to switch over to healthier eating. This doesn’t mean I still won’t cook delicious things, but I’m much more likely to have interesting, tasty vegetables and a lot less sugar. Salads. Salad is a great recipe-less dish. You just chop up a bunch of stuff and mix it together. Easy. This is today’s lunch: 


I know what you’re thinking. What an odd thing to do, putting blackberries in salad. But I tend to just get one type of vegetable (or fruit) on my fork at one time, so it works. They were delicious blackberries. I should get some more while they’re still on sale.

Also, carrots are impossible to pick up with a plastic fork. I had to use my hands.

What’s next? 

I’m going to skip the long lists and explanations of holiday foods, as it doesn’t really matter – however, I have to note the parmesan butternut squash risotto my mom made. It was really good. I might want to make it sometime myself. Other than that, Christmas was really less about the food and more about the family and presents. I’m fine with that.

I woke up EARLY, for me, this morning so I’d have time to get around to those eggnog pancakes I mentioned once. They were quite tasty. Had that distinct noggy flavor. I had them with a little maple syrup, a few blackberries, and coffee. Made them with bisquick, because it’s easier. Halved the recipe since I’m only one person. However, instead of ending up using 1/2 cup of eggnog, which would have been half the specified amount of milk, I think I used between 3/4 and 1 cup. It’s thicker than milk, so it may have made the pancakes more cakelike. Another thing I’m totally fine with.

Contemplating eggnog cupcakes this weekend, but I wouldn’t really be able to eat them…

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