Who Knew Clownfish Grew Up to be Bastards

If you live in the Northeast like me, you’re currently experiencing a storm they’ve decided to call “Nemo.” That’s a pretty terrible name for a snowstorm, but, really, are there good ones?

While I’m toasting my pita “chips” (just a cut up pita, no decorations) for the canned hummus I hope will be edible, I thought I would write a post. Give you something to read while you’re stuck inside, assuming you haven’t lost your power.

Anyway… I had birthday brunch plans tomorrow morning which are now cancelled. And some other tentative plans for today(?) that I knew would not be happening once I saw the forecast on Wednesday. Yes, my own birthday. It’s tomorrow, and although my Saturday evening plans should still pan out, that’s still a 2/3 disappointment rate for how I hoped things would go. People keep telling me that it’s not a big deal, I can just celebrate later, and also that I should have my birthday in the summer. I am aware I’ve been making it into a bigger deal than it should be, but how often does one’s birthday fall on a Saturday? That’s the time when the actual DAY of your birthday should be filled with awesome. It’s just going to be filled with snow with a little bit of awesome tacked on – which will be so much less awesome because I’m going to have to wear something totally different than what I was planning. No way those shoes will handle the snow.

I don’t want to explain why I was so upset when my birthday plans had to change. To summarize: after certain aspects of my birthday celebrations for the past two years, I really just wanted things to go well and not have any problems.

But on to other things. Although I’m still bummed, I’m not really upset anymore, and as I can’t do anything about the weather, I will just have to get over it.

My pre-blizzard activity was … thrift shopping. I wanted to make sure I got outside today, because staying inside for more than a full day kind of makes me crazy. I was just going to stop at City Feed and Supply (my current favorite place near me for coffee etc. – I’ll have to post about it sometime) for a cold-weather drink and come back home, but then I thought, hmmm, Boomerang might be open, maybe they’ll have a nice sweater for this icky weather.

I did end up getting a sweater, although I’m not wearing it now. Black, ruffly open cardigan from Banana Republic. There was a 100% cashmere cardigan there too, but it wasn’t in good condition and not really my style anyway. SO SOFT THOUGH! I also found a pair of burgundy/wine colored corduroys for $6. The fit’s not perfect, but I definitely like them for the price. (Side note, I haven’t bought full-price pants for a really, really long time.) I really should go to thrift shops more… might be better for my bank account.

So, after successful shopping, I had a nice latte, and then headed home, at which point the wind kept blowing my hood off so my hair got soaked by the very wet snow. That was kind of unpleasant, but I survived – and came home to a nice mailbox item, the $25 Panera card I got with my credit card points. Basically I spent money and now I’m getting some “free” food back for it. I can’t argue with that.

And now I’m off to enjoy my smoke-themed pre-dinner snack (hummus with smoked paprika, and lapsang souchong tea). More food posts to come soon.

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