Roll over! Good breakfast!

Ok, well, I had a picture of this morning’s breakfast, but it looked really weird. I’ll just tell you a story instead.

I like delicious tasty breakfasts but sometimes the effort of making them just means that I often grab whatever’s at hand. Breakfast only gets cooked on days when I don’t have work, usually. But today, I still frowned at the idea of actually spending time in the kitchen. So I threw something together: whole wheat tortilla, sliced ham, some (badly) sliced brie, microwaved briefly and then topped with scrambled eggs.

I’m disproportionately proud of the fact that I figured out how to make really good scrambled eggs. I used to think I didn’t like scrambled eggs, but that’s just because I hadn’t had good ones for a long time.

As a roll-up, it was rather drippy. So if you want to avoid that, I guess cook your eggs long enough that there is no moisture left at all? People say they don’t like their scrambled eggs “runny,” but their definition of runny is usually too dry for me. So my breakfast wrap dripped all over me. It’s ok.

I also prepared a ready-breakfast option during the week that turned out pretty well. Pumpkin blueberry muffins! They aren’t as good as bakery muffins, but they are moist, and taste good. I used this recipe and added approximately one cup of blueberries. They got a little overdone on the outside… maybe I should have had the oven on slightly lower. Oh well. Still edible! I poured the leftover batter into a vaguely multi-purpose baking dish and made bread of the same flavor. It’s more of a cakey texture than a bread texture, but… that’s muffins. I would have taken a picture, but there are enough pictures of muffins floating around the internet.

So that concludes this somewhat boring post. Sorry I don’t have anything fun or interesting to talk about… Maybe next time.

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  1. I love the creative combo of pumpkin-blueberry. Sounds awesome

  2. Heck, it’s not boring at all!

  3. Practice makes perfect! Sounds like you’re on the road to being quite a culinary expert. Keep up the good work.

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