Food Acquisition, plus Spinach Tortellini with Tomato Saute

If anyone knows how to type  in the e with the accent on it so that I can spell “saute” correctly in the title, please let me know.

First, a brief review!

This is not the best coffee in the world. This is just a tribute.

This is not the best coffee in the world. This is just a tribute.

The caption there is a play on the Tenacious D song, “Tribute,” in case you aren’t familiar. These were bought online due to a Starbucks membership promotion. Yes, I have a Starbucks membership, and no, I don’t go there every day. I got a gift card for Christmas and registered it mostly because I wanted the free birthday beverage. I think it was a Vanilla Spice latte. If not… doesn’t matter. In any case, I had a discount coupon, so I ordered these items. Haven’t tried the coffee yet, so I guess it could actually be the greatest coffee in the world. Kind of doubt it though.

If you can’t see it well enough, the via product is an instant version of their “very berry hibiscus refresher,” which is made from coffee juice, I guess. I tried one the other day, and it wasn’t bad, but tasted very different from the one you can buy freshly made. I would only recommend buying this if you can get it on sale, like I did.

Last week, I did two grocery shopping trips in one day, spent nearly $70 total–quite a lot for one day for me (on food, that is), but I still have a lot of food left from those trips, so I don’t think it’ll work out to be much more for the month’s groceries than I usually spend. In case you’re now wondering, I do not work off an actual budget. I’m sure I should, but I manage fine without it, and I have a tendency to rebel against the approach of “you CANNOT spend any more than ___.” I’ll spend more just because. So I don’t bother.

Things I should always buy in multiple when I go to Trader Joe’s: Spicy Powdered Chai Mix, Chile Lime Chicken Burgers, Chicken and Cheese Tamales, Pumpkin Ice Cream (when available), individual serving Greek yogurt, frozen naan. Having these things available at any given time makes my life better.

Last, but not least, I have a non-recipe to share (finally)! It is a very uncomplicated thing to make, as its base is quick-cooking spinach tortellini. I used the package bought from Trader Joe’s, but any variety you can find will work.

I just want to take a moment to say that I LOVE spinach tortellini. It’s weird, because I’m not a fan of the flavor of cooked spinach. However, dishes that involve cooked spinach in which other flavors are more prominent than the spinach itself can be as delicious as anything. What I have done in the past with instant tortellini or ravioli is just melt some butter and mix in some herbs, and pour it over the pasta. This is a slightly more involved version of that practice.

The actual cooking part doesn’t take much time at all, but I always forget how long water takes to boil. Start boiling your water first or you’re going to be sitting there trying to keep your sauce warm and tapping your foot yelling, “Goddamn it water, boil!”

I’m not going to explain how to cook the tortellini, because there are instructions on the package. For the tomato saute, I started by melting a whole bunch of butter in a small pan. I’d say 1-2 tablespoons. A few grape tomatoes got sliced up and thrown into the butter, then some seasoned salt and basil were added. I mixed it all together, cooking on low until the tomatoes were nice and mushy. It won’t come out with a real tomato sauce consistency, it will be much lighter (despite the butter). It’s much quicker to make than tomato sauce, only taking 5-10 minutes. I had intended to add garlic, but I forgot to slice it up and by the time I remembered everything else was almost done cooking.

Here it is, sizzling away.

Here it is, sizzling away.

When the tortellini is ready, put in on a plate or in a bowl and then pour or spoon the tomato butter sauce over the top.

It was really hard to wait to eat this long enough to take a picture.

It was really hard to wait to eat this long enough to take a picture.

This was extremely simple to make, and quick aside from boiling the water. I would absolutely recommend making it if you like the foods involved. It’s also really Italian-colored, because of the green of the spinach.

Bonus tip: I love TJ’s lobster ravioli. If you want to improvise a butter sauce for it, sage is a really good herb to go with the lobster flavorings. !!!

Thanks for hanging out with me for this hodgepodge-y post. Please remember to actually click on the link that brings you to my site, because I always get more follows than views and I don’t even understand how that’s possible… wordpress is letting me down in that sense 😦

Sneak peek: restaurant review for The Squealing Pig! I tried my friend’s food too, so you’ll get to hear about more than one dish. Aren’t you excited!

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