News: The Blogging

I have at least two posts to give you here with real content, but I’ve been sucked into the world of trying to get my blogs formatted the way I want. It’s more difficult than you might think. I keep changing things, then changing them back, wondering if I think it’s good enough or if I should change it again. Luckily, the option to change everything about your blog is always available, so if I’m not happy with the changes in two weeks, I can redo them again.

I’ve been thinking about the blog background. I like the colors a lot, but I’m not sure a jellyfish is the right image for the whole idea of my blog, so that might be changing too. But I don’t have a good replacement, so why bother changing it? Anyone have any suggestions of what you would like to look at in your peripheral vision while reading my posts? (The jellyfish picture comes from the stock images on my computer, by the way.)

I got the whole pages menu back, after that brief period of having accidentally deleted them. Sorry about that. I have completely rewritten my “About” page. I definitely think you should have a glance. At present, my other two page categories are “foodstyle” and “monthly favorites.” If you click on the Foodstyle tab, it will probably be self-explanatory. The Monthly Favorites was inspired by the thing that is usually done by youtube vloggers, and that is pretty self-explanatory as well. I’d expect it’s much easier to do this in video form, because you can just hold the items in front of the camera and talk about them. I’ll have to settle for very low-quality pictures with my phone, until I can acquire a digital camera that works. In the meantime, my March Favorites, the first pass at it, are currently up, so go ahead and have a look if you are interested.

I have been working a bit on my writing blog as well, reformatting and trying to figure out how I want to present everything there. That’s still in process.

Last, but not least, I have caved and joined twitter. Really, I just had a moment when I really didn’t want anyone else to get the chance to take @devawriting. If you’re on twitter, tell me your name and I might follow you! I’ve just started, so I don’t know if it’ll be worth it to follow me yet.

Well, I should finish my procrastination activities for now and get back to editing. I decided to work tonight so I wouldn’t have to do quite as much this week, but I don’t think it’ll end up being much more than an hour total. Oops…

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