Monday Madness

I’ve been feeling frowny today, not being completely unfocused but not as productive as I would like to be. Mustn’t get ahead of myself, though; maybe it won’t be so bad after all. To make a long story short, I’m very busy, and I probably will be until mid-June. More on that maybe next week…

You know what’s weird? Some places offer three sizes of cups, and others offer only two. Weird, right? You never know whether it’s small and regular, small and large, regular and large, or maybe they call regular “medium,” which doesn’t make much sense if there aren’t sizes on either side of it. They generally tell you on the menu what terms they use in that store, but I’m starting to be annoyed that I have to hunt for it at all. I think I advocate one-size beverage shops. No confusion. Just order the drink and they already know what size to make it.

And the places that have 4 sizes… they’re just asking for confused orders. Especially if they go by weight or volume. Someone wants the 12oz cup, and they order a small, but to you that means the 8oz, so then they get a smaller drink than they wanted. In some cases, hell breaks loose because there are people who really cannot handle not getting what they want.

(I so rarely get what I want that I can barely handle it when I do.)

These are not thoughts you should take seriously. I was thinking about stopping at Cafenation after work to see if I could snag any day-old bread. And maybe order a small iced tea. Or would it be a regular? …and things just kind of spiraled from there, as sometimes happens in the madness of Monday.



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