Monday Madness: It’s Memorial Day, F*%^ Off

I think I’ve worked almost every memorial day since graduating from college. While I was working in human services, they needed staff 24/7 and of course Monday was a regular shift for me, and I could never afford to take a day off because I never got paid days off. You’d think it would be different now that I work an office job, but my office doesn’t close for Memorial Day. At least, that’s what I was told, although no one else is here, so… Oh, well. I’m here, so if no one comes along and tells me to leave, I’m working at least most of the day. I need to get stuff done.

Come to think of it, did Bennington even give us Memorial Day off? I’m thinking they probably did, but I’m having a lot of trouble remembering. If I recall correctly, that was always our last week of classes, which for me usually meant finishing that last literature or psychology paper, pulling together that presentation, and goofing off just a little bit in my last voice class because I’d already done the performances for that term. Enjoying the sunny End of the World and trying to get in a last hangout with friends before we all went away. Like in so many other cases, no one lived close to me, so seeing people over the summer was usually not possible.

And so I ask you, Memorial Day, if I don’t get the day off then what are you good for? Not only that, but the MBTA runs on a Sunday schedule, which is the worst one. The bus I usually take doesn’t even run, and the other option runs far less frequently. As luck would have it I didn’t end up being late, but I did have to wait about 20 minutes at Kenmore. Which is just awful.

Well, I’m at work, so I guess I’ll get going on actually doing work. Have some burgers fresh from the grill for me OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. Not really. Yes, really.  

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