Food Words (Fwoords? Foowords?)

People should stop using the word: mouthfeel. I first saw it on a chalkboard display at a Starbucks where they listed all their coffee origins and then described them. Later on, I came across it several more times, and I realized that this is an established term in food writing. And that just disturbed me even more. Maybe it didn’t sound remotely sexual when the term was first used, but now, if I walk into a cafe that boasts of its beans’ “creamy vanilla mouthfeel,” I feel like the only thing I could possibly order would be a dirty chai. Which would be spilled on my white silk blouse (I don’t have one), and then I would realize I didn’t have my wallet and I would have to find “some other way” to pay for my dirty, dirty chai. …I think you see where I’m going with this.


People should start using the word: Capresish.  Everyone knows what Caprese refers to, right? Tomato, mozzarella, and basil, drizzled with olive oil delicious on its own as well as stuck in between some delicious bread. But there are many possible combinations that are kind of like Caprese, but not really. Any combination of at least three of the above, or substitutes, that is clearly meant to approximate Caprese should be called Capresish. In fact, you should start calling it that right now. And … go.


This has been a mid-afternoon break. Now back to work.


Do any commonly used food words bother  you? Have you created any yourself that you hope will catch on? Tell me about it! 🙂

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