Monday Madness: Hey, Jealousy

Ah, my least favorite morning–that is, tied with any other morning I have to wake up early to an alarm in order to do something I don’t particularly care to do…

There have been many moments lately when I have felt extremely jealous of people who seem to have lives closer to the life I want. These people I’m sure don’t have all the things I want and they probably have certain things I don’t care for, but there is without question something there that I desire for myself.

I already know that being jealous of another person is, for lack of a better word, kind of stupid. Or pointless. Or, rather, just a mistake.

That’s because it’s a conclusion based on incomplete information. When I look at someone who has  that thing, and I feel jealous, I don’t know what aspects of their life exist that are unwanted. You can’t separate the different pieces of life and only take the good ones. By definition, that is not how life works.

Or, coming at it from a different angle, if you’re feeling jealous of someone who is very successful in life, when they worked very hard to get where they are, you’re only wishing for the end result. Chances are if you put in the hard work you would definitely get somewhere.

Maybe you’re jealous of someone who was born into money. Their life seems easy. But maybe they are severely depressed and hate their life. Maybe they have trouble with relationships. Maybe they find having money stressful and would rather have had less of it.

You know those movies about people who overcome incredible odds to succeed? They can’t really capture how difficult it was.

And in the end, wishing for someone else’s life makes no sense because you can only have yours. Stop wasting time and make your own life better.

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