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Woe Is Wednesday…

Well. Last night I decided I should make a pizza bagel for dinner, after buying bagels from Cafenation. It was very tasty but, of course, being pizza, it burned the roof of my mouth. So breakfast this morning was a little painful.

Worse, though, was the sad state of my coffee. I don’t know what happened exactly, but it wasn’t good today. It wasn’t terrible, so I drank it anyway. But I was kind of sad about it. Between that and how bad my hair looks today, I am not loving this Wednesday. I’m also very very tired, I think I need several days to just sleep.

Woe. Woe is me.

So the debate going on in my head is should I just have unsatisfying coffee today, or should I go out and get some? It should be an easy answer. It would help me be a little bit warmer in this freezing cold office (I’m exaggerating, but I am definitely cold), and I tend to go out for some food or drink every day, sometimes even just to get out of the office for a few minutes. But I’ve done very badly with my money this month so I would like, ideally, to spend as little as possible until whenever it is next week that I get my paycheck.

But coffee.

And sadness.

And so the debate goes. And screw it, I’m probably going to go get a coffee. I should be able to spend $2-4 today without a problem…

I think this problem could have been very easily avoided if I could have worked from home today. In fact, it would eliminate many problems if I could work from home. Logistically, I could do it. My tasks are generally things I do at a computer by myself, so…

Life is NOT fair. It’s not even close.

Monday Madness: That Awkward Moment

I’ve forgotten everything I was going to write about. My brain is not working at all. Everything that has happened so far today was so frustrating and tiring that I don’t even want to blog. But I haven’t missed a Monday yet. (Except when I was on a cruise. Because I couldn’t get online.)

That awkward moment when Pandora won’t let you skip any more songs, so you have to just jump between stations and hope for the best.

While the dream of being a published writer is still hanging over everything I do, pushed back in favor of being a responsible “adult” (ugh. the worst), I keep coming up with new goals that are all… kind of weird. Not that they don’t make sense, but they’re just not things most people would think of as important goals. Things like having a really nice bed (I guess I could somehow get my mattress from my mom’s house moved, but… either a lot of time and effort or a lot of money) and having someone to bring me coffee–not a significant other, in particular, but maybe an assistant whose job it was just to bring me coffee when I really need it and am either too busy or too tired to get it myself. But I guess that kind of thing only happens for rich people?

I keep thinking about random other things to pursue in my life. For example, I LOVE food. It’s one of my favorite things about life. It’s the original reason I started this blog, although it’s branched out a bit since then. I bet if I found the right angle or audience or whatever I could make a career out of something food-related. I mean, look at Hannah Hart. No seriously, go watch her videos. She’s one of my favorite vloggers. She does the My Drunk Kitchen and Hello, Harto series. (Side note: words that are the same both singular and plural annoy me. The plural always sounds wrong.)

And maybe one of the ideas I’ve had for websites and apps could actually pan out, turn into something, but I know absolutely nothing about coding, and I’m terrible at asking people for anything, and I feel like the ideas are ridiculous until proven worthwhile, so I want to do it myself. But I can’t do it myself. Should I learn coding? Would I even be able to? I’ve really only been good at creative pursuits, not technical ones. But I also haven’t done too badly with languages, despite failing to retain any of them other than English, so maybe…

This morning, when I was walking to the bus, I was so tired and my sinuses hurt so much that I really just wanted to pass out. When I get home, I might do that. After dinner. And if the roasted red peppers I bought over a week ago have managed to go bad (the kind from Whole Foods–plastic container, not a sealed jar), I will be SO fucking sad.

Hey, I just wrote a poem!

I think next time I will do a few food haikus. –Wait, what’s the correct plural of haiku?

Tuesday Madness: Just Because

It’s Tuesday, but it kind of feels like Monday. I didn’t have yesterday off (screw Columbus anyway), but I did work from home, so this is the beginning of the week in the office. It definitely felt like Monday this morning. And last night I couldn’t fall asleep until sometime after 2, which means sleep deprivation galore.

Certain things are going ok, other things are going as bad as always, and my life still feels like a mess. Any thoughts?

Last night I finally made the stir-fry I’d been planning, although I forgot to add the pear to it (that would have been much more experimental, but probably interesting). The method was pretty standard, so I’m not going to talk about how I made it so much. I’m just going to comment on some of the ingredients.

Sauce and seasoning:

Soy sauce is definitely useful to keep around. If you care about that kind of thing get the lower sodium kind; otherwise, get whatever kind you want. When I was young, I used to put soy sauce on rice almost every time I had it. I’ve stopped doing that, and now almost exclusively use it for stir frying, along with canola oil (I have no sesame oil: sad). If you want to make something more like what you’d order at a restaurant, splurge for teriyaki sauce. I don’t quite know how to make my own.

At one point I had a Chinese herb/spice mix that was great for stir fry, but I don’t know what happened to it. I just add ground ginger instead. I’m pretty generous with my ginger, so it had a bit of kick.

I would have put garlic in if I had felt like chopping it up, or cleaning my grating dish…


At Whole Foods last week, I found the sort of sprouts I had been thinking of getting–the kind that always turns up in your fried rice and lo mein. They’re longish, crunchy, and white and some people might think they look like worms, but they really don’t. I forget what they’re called, but they came in a fairly big package for under $2. Which means I might have to make another stir fry. …Anyway, I really liked using these things, because they add a sense of authenticity to the endeavor, even though I highly doubt my version of a stir fry is in any way authentic. (You know, not being Asian or having any actual knowledge of Asian cooking of any sort.)

The results were quite tasty and pretty, very green with my broccoli, peppers, and green onion, and the leftovers are my lunch. I would have made them breakfast, but then I would have had to actually make a lunch. *_*

*End madness*

She types, hopefully…

Monday Madness: Saucy Sunday

I got food in my hair this morning. Of course. How else do you start off a week? Such fun. Ugh.

It turned out, although my shoe rack came unassembled (duh), it was really easy to put together. I think it took me ten minutes, listening to Lorde’s album on the internet (who buys cds these days?). I almost think I could actually get my crap organized someday… with a few more bins and boxes, maybe.

And now another week starts. Time is passing too quickly, at least, in comparison to what I’ve been able to get done lately. I don’t need to be productive all the time, but I’ve been pretty much useless for the past month or so. I’ve had a lot of free time, all things considered, and I was going to use it to get ahead on work and personal projects, and here I am, having done nothing at all for way too long. I feel so dumb and lazy…

Last night I decided I should make some dinner even though I didn’t think I was hungry. I didn’t make what I had planned, because it was slightly more effort. Instead I made a quick tomato sauce and butternut squash ravioli from Trader Joe’s.

Tomato sauce of the consistency people expect when they say “tomato sauce” takes quite a while to make. But any sauce you make in which tomatoes are a key ingredient is tomato sauce. I made a simple version in a saute pan this time. I started by frying some chopped green peppers, cooking them until they were sizzling. Then I added the tomatoes and a handful of scallions. I let the pan cook up for a few minutes before I added a small amount of water. That’s what makes it sauce. Some basil, black pepper, and time to simmer, and it was smelling delicious. The ravioli was drained, put into the sauce and mixed around until they were covered. Finally, I ate it up. (The typical last step of dinner).

In the end I was glad I decided to cook, because it was really good. But I also kind of wished I didn’t have to…

Monday Madness: Whose Title Is It Anyway

A late post today. I was going to do a little flash fiction on my writing blog this morning and just post a link to it, instead of the usual sort of madness. It was turning out kind of bad, though, and I need more time to work on it, so I didn’t. I worked on my work and I met up with somebody for dinner and we talked about mythology. Then I went to Trader Joe’s. It was so damn crowded, I hated it.

It was not a good day, during work. My productivity wasn’t terrible, but not great either. I was rather bored and got very tired in the afternoon, after my late-morning apple and totally uncool lunch of gritty salad. Fun fact, lettuce that is not pre-washed might take longer than you think to rinse all the dirt off. (I have a weird definition of “fun,” ok?) I’m stressed about a bunch of things. Several aspects of my life are feeling very uncertain, and uncertainty gives me anxiety. If it’s about something important.


Is it just me, or is the opening of The Devil Wears Prada the MOST fun thing to watch? I had a little extra time this morning, somehow, and I decided to put the movie on. I watched the first minute and a half like four times. What do I like about it so much? I can’t be sure. I just write it off as “I really like clothes!”

Here’s to having a week that maybe won’t completely suck?

Easiest Pumpkin Spice Latte! (Success.)

I think this post from last year about making an at-home pumpkin “latte” bears repeating! As before, I’m not using espresso because I can’t make that at home, but the ice cream makes it frothy on top so it looks vaguely like a latte. I haven’t been adding any whipped cream to the top either, or extra spices, but you’re free to decorate however you want!

Last year, Trader Joe’s was completely out of pumpkin ice cream when I went back looking for a second carton, so I bought two the last time I went. If you’re lucky they’ll still have it now, but I bet you can find pumpkin ice cream other places too.

The No-Recipe Life

Not being able to afford frequent $4 coffee drinks, I’ve been glancing with mild interest across all kinds of pumpkin latte recipes to make at home to save some money. I can’t make espresso at home, of course, so it would be more of just pumpkin coffee.

I tried the via instant kind, and it’s just not very good. The vanilla ones are ok. The pumpkin ones are disappointing, because you just hope it will be good but it’s too sugary and barely tastes like pumpkin at all.


But, having a pumpkin-related idea, I had to try it out. If you like a pumpkin spice latte and want to make them at home, here’s a good and REALLY easy way to approximate one:

1. Brew coffee. Whatever variety you have is fine. Any preference will work for this. If you make espresso, you’d probably have to mix it with…

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