Monday Madness: Whose Title Is It Anyway

A late post today. I was going to do a little flash fiction on my writing blog this morning and just post a link to it, instead of the usual sort of madness. It was turning out kind of bad, though, and I need more time to work on it, so I didn’t. I worked on my work and I met up with somebody for dinner and we talked about mythology. Then I went to Trader Joe’s. It was so damn crowded, I hated it.

It was not a good day, during work. My productivity wasn’t terrible, but not great either. I was rather bored and got very tired in the afternoon, after my late-morning apple and totally uncool lunch of gritty salad. Fun fact, lettuce that is not pre-washed might take longer than you think to rinse all the dirt off. (I have a weird definition of “fun,” ok?) I’m stressed about a bunch of things. Several aspects of my life are feeling very uncertain, and uncertainty gives me anxiety. If it’s about something important.


Is it just me, or is the opening of The Devil Wears Prada the MOST fun thing to watch? I had a little extra time this morning, somehow, and I decided to put the movie on. I watched the first minute and a half like four times. What do I like about it so much? I can’t be sure. I just write it off as “I really like clothes!”

Here’s to having a week that maybe won’t completely suck?

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