Tuesday Madness: Just Because

It’s Tuesday, but it kind of feels like Monday. I didn’t have yesterday off (screw Columbus anyway), but I did work from home, so this is the beginning of the week in the office. It definitely felt like Monday this morning. And last night I couldn’t fall asleep until sometime after 2, which means sleep deprivation galore.

Certain things are going ok, other things are going as bad as always, and my life still feels like a mess. Any thoughts?

Last night I finally made the stir-fry I’d been planning, although I forgot to add the pear to it (that would have been much more experimental, but probably interesting). The method was pretty standard, so I’m not going to talk about how I made it so much. I’m just going to comment on some of the ingredients.

Sauce and seasoning:

Soy sauce is definitely useful to keep around. If you care about that kind of thing get the lower sodium kind; otherwise, get whatever kind you want. When I was young, I used to put soy sauce on rice almost every time I had it. I’ve stopped doing that, and now almost exclusively use it for stir frying, along with canola oil (I have no sesame oil: sad). If you want to make something more like what you’d order at a restaurant, splurge for teriyaki sauce. I don’t quite know how to make my own.

At one point I had a Chinese herb/spice mix that was great for stir fry, but I don’t know what happened to it. I just add ground ginger instead. I’m pretty generous with my ginger, so it had a bit of kick.

I would have put garlic in if I had felt like chopping it up, or cleaning my grating dish…


At Whole Foods last week, I found the sort of sprouts I had been thinking of getting–the kind that always turns up in your fried rice and lo mein. They’re longish, crunchy, and white and some people might think they look like worms, but they really don’t. I forget what they’re called, but they came in a fairly big package for under $2. Which means I might have to make another stir fry. …Anyway, I really liked using these things, because they add a sense of authenticity to the endeavor, even though I highly doubt my version of a stir fry is in any way authentic. (You know, not being Asian or having any actual knowledge of Asian cooking of any sort.)

The results were quite tasty and pretty, very green with my broccoli, peppers, and green onion, and the leftovers are my lunch. I would have made them breakfast, but then I would have had to actually make a lunch. *_*

*End madness*

She types, hopefully…

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