Monday Madness: That Awkward Moment

I’ve forgotten everything I was going to write about. My brain is not working at all. Everything that has happened so far today was so frustrating and tiring that I don’t even want to blog. But I haven’t missed a Monday yet. (Except when I was on a cruise. Because I couldn’t get online.)

That awkward moment when Pandora won’t let you skip any more songs, so you have to just jump between stations and hope for the best.

While the dream of being a published writer is still hanging over everything I do, pushed back in favor of being a responsible “adult” (ugh. the worst), I keep coming up with new goals that are all… kind of weird. Not that they don’t make sense, but they’re just not things most people would think of as important goals. Things like having a really nice bed (I guess I could somehow get my mattress from my mom’s house moved, but… either a lot of time and effort or a lot of money) and having someone to bring me coffee–not a significant other, in particular, but maybe an assistant whose job it was just to bring me coffee when I really need it and am either too busy or too tired to get it myself. But I guess that kind of thing only happens for rich people?

I keep thinking about random other things to pursue in my life. For example, I LOVE food. It’s one of my favorite things about life. It’s the original reason I started this blog, although it’s branched out a bit since then. I bet if I found the right angle or audience or whatever I could make a career out of something food-related. I mean, look at Hannah Hart. No seriously, go watch her videos. She’s one of my favorite vloggers. She does the My Drunk Kitchen and Hello, Harto series. (Side note: words that are the same both singular and plural annoy me. The plural always sounds wrong.)

And maybe one of the ideas I’ve had for websites and apps could actually pan out, turn into something, but I know absolutely nothing about coding, and I’m terrible at asking people for anything, and I feel like the ideas are ridiculous until proven worthwhile, so I want to do it myself. But I can’t do it myself. Should I learn coding? Would I even be able to? I’ve really only been good at creative pursuits, not technical ones. But I also haven’t done too badly with languages, despite failing to retain any of them other than English, so maybe…

This morning, when I was walking to the bus, I was so tired and my sinuses hurt so much that I really just wanted to pass out. When I get home, I might do that. After dinner. And if the roasted red peppers I bought over a week ago have managed to go bad (the kind from Whole Foods–plastic container, not a sealed jar), I will be SO fucking sad.

Hey, I just wrote a poem!

I think next time I will do a few food haikus. –Wait, what’s the correct plural of haiku?

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