Monday Madness: A Weekend of Quiet Mayhem

Site redesigns often bother me, because in the attempt to make things look more “cool” or “high-tech,” I think they often end up looking overdeveloped or stupid… I miss gmail’s simple login screen. Now it’s this giant bubble with your google+ profile picture. And youtube has now made it so that you HAVE to update your username to display as either your real name or something else you enter before it will allow you to continue commenting on videos. I wish to ask Google (which owns youtube, in case you were unaware): What is the effing point of all this?

I am not a fan of the changes WordPress has been making to site navigation. I’ve written a little about this elsewhere, in informal, rant-sort of writing. I’m not going to stop using site unless it gets way worse, but I’m wondering: Now that posts open in a pop-up screen instead of taking you to the poster’s blog page, does that mean I don’t get a page view unless the reader actually clicks on the “view original” button in the upper left corner? If so, that really seems unfair. Please redesign again so that people who want to read my posts are actually taken to my blog, because I like that much better. Furthermore, if it’s just going to appear in a pop-up screen, why am I spending so much time worrying about my blog design? Should I just forget about it?

Dear WordPress,

I want answers.

Thank you,


Moving on, November is, as always, a strange month. There are some personal bits that are a bit of a complicated and rather private story, that I don’t want to go into right now, but in conjunction with awesome Vet’s Day sales, resulted in me spending a lot of money this weekend. As with other holidays of this nature, I still have to be at work today, so I don’t even get the extra day to recover from all that shopping.

Then, of course, there’s the whole NaNoWriMo issue. Even though my word goal is substantially less than 50,000 for the month, I am already behind, finding it difficult to get myself down to writing. I think I may have picked the wrong project. I chose something I’m really interested in but, sadly, it’s a short story series of which the plots are only mildly developed. I was hoping that the ideas would spark once I got started, but mostly I got stuck. I realized that I confused the plan for one story with the first one, so now I have to redo the first one, but I can’t do that, because NaNoWriMo is not for editing. That comes later. If only I’d picked a novel idea that I could really get sucked into, instead of this interesting but unformed idea of mine. 

What can you do? Too late to set it aside and write something else. I probably should have gone back to my Sleeping Beauty retelling. I think it’s around 20,000 words, and I’ve barely gotten out of the exposition.

I made chili again this weekend. I think the term “chili” has expanded to include a variety of dishes. Technically, there can’t be vegetarian chili, but I’ve seen it at the very least in the canned/frozen soup section of supermarkets, if not also in various restaurants. Mine has chicken, and it’s quite spicy, but only to the average palate. In terms of spiciness, I think that I have an average palate, but I like a bit of burning now and then. I only reach my limit when the food actually makes my throat hurt.

I’m thinking about doing a chili tutorial post. I may have done a brief descriptive post already, one of the few times I’ve made it before, but I think I would have some updates. I have no idea if there would be any interest.

Well, Monday, I’ve gotta get back. Editing and all…

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