It’s (Blog) Morphin’ Time!

Get ready, because change is coming. Back when I reached 100 followers I mentioned that I was going to make a few updates to the blog, mold it a bit into a slightly cooler thing. And then I didn’t. But now I’m going to do it. I totally am. If I don’t, then you should remind me I said I would.

Here’s my basic plan:

  • I’m going to change the theme, because it’s a really easy way to make a blog feel refreshed. It will still be something fairly simple and with the same basic setup, probably.
  • I will remove the “Monthly Favorites” tab and just do favorites posts instead. That way, when I skip months, like I’ve been doing since August, it won’t be so obvious.
  • New tabs will appear, for things I have been thinking about doing. The biggest one will be a “Life” tab, which will feature posts about my thoughts on/approach to aspects of life in a larger sense. Once I start making posts, you’ll see what I mean by that. I am also thinking about making a shopping tab, because I love shopping and I keep wanting to write about it. I know it’s totally silly and frivolous, but in the end I do blog for me, so I’ll do what I want! The main content will be store/website reviews and tips, and maybe there will be some hauls stuck in there too. Although I don’t haul. I just buy one or two things at once, usually. I am also considering a restaurant/cafe review tab. I think Cafenation would have to be the first one up there.
  • I will actually rewrite My Food Credo, as I had said I was planning to do.
  • My links and contact info will remain the same.


That’s really all I have so far. This is an intended project to be done by the beginning of December. It will probably be something I do in stages, though–I’m thinking this weekend I’ll change the theme and make the Monthly Favorites tab go away, which will be very simple steps. (So if you want to see what I’ve liked, you should look now, while you can!)

And that’s the story. I thought that if I wrote all this out, I would be much more likely to follow through.

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