Eggnog Cupcakes: Success

(but could be better)


There they are, slippy-slidey goo of frosting and all. This won’t be a recipe or much of a process post, because if you really want instructions for baking cupcakes I am not the best person to ask. Here’s basically what I did:

  • Add a bit of eggnog and a lot of cinnamon and nutmeg to a cake mix.
  • Fail at making frosting
  • Look up recipe: add a bunch of powdered sugar to a little bit of eggnog, probably still too much, blend, drop on top of cupcakes like gooey mess.

Then they were slowly devoured. The frosting hardened a little after a while, so it wasn’t just goo sliding across the cake tops forever…

They were (or are: there are a few left) very tasty, although not at the level of the bakeries I like to buy from. They were pretty good for homemade, mix-based cupcakes. That’s all I can really say. No one wanted to come over, so the only other person who could form an opinion on them is my roommate, and she said they were good.

Lesson learned: don’t assume you know how to make something like frosting, even if you did it once several years ago, because until you know, you don’t know.

Head over to my youtube channel (link in the “referred sites” section of the sidebar), where I have posted my video documentation of making the cupcakes.


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