Monday Madness: Naked Santas and Overspending

First, I want to say that what happened Saturday night was barely a snowstorm. In Boston, it had completely stopped by Sunday. And yet, this morning there were too many stupidly icy sidewalks (hint: one is too many) and ridiculous traffic because no one can ever remember how to drive once there’s the smallest amount of snow. So I give up. If we have another snowstorm, which seems likely, I’m just not going to leave my house until spring. I’ll do that peapod thing to have my groceries delivered and order lots of pizzas.

Now, a quick thank you to everyone who liked my cupcake post. It’s nice to have that validation, since no one I invited over to have some thought it was worth the trip–either for having the cupcakes or for hanging out with me. I mean, that’s a major fail, right? But I realized I hadn’t done a real food post for a while, so there you go. There are still about four cupcakes left, but by now they’re on the stale side, so probably not worth a trip at this point anyway.

Logically I know people are just busy and sort of far away (unfortunate consequence of living in Boston: only friends who live in your neighborhood are actually easy to get to), but emotionally it just feels like everyone’s rejecting me. I started out December being really excited about Christmas, but now I’m kind of depressed.

I’ve been shopping way too much. And then, you know, the second you say “Ok, that’s it. I’m going to be good and not buy all this stuff I don’t need,” that’s when something comes up and you end up spending anyway. Like Christmas presents (I didn’t spend that much, but combined with everything it adds up), or the $20 off a $50 purchase from Sephora with a time limit (how could I pass that up?), so you can get that $34 container of moisturizer without feeling so bad about it. The good news is, that one container is probably going to last me at least six months. I think it might be time to trade in my coins for Real Money. It won’t be that much. Probably somewhere between $10 and $20. But it’ll do me more good in my pocket than sitting in a jar on a shelf.

Ok, I know I’ve been teasing you. You’re wondering about the naked santas, right? Well…

It’s something that I think they do every year in Boston. I hadn’t been aware it was happening, so it was pure chance when I turned the corner onto Boylston St. on my shopping trip and met with a large group of people in their underwear, wearing Santa hats, most of them in red and green. It was so silly, honestly, that it cheered me right up and I of course had to take a few pictures. Unfortunately I was stuck with my phone, which doesn’t do much for me in terms of good photos, so I missed things like the guy running with a pine tree almost like a javelin, and the guy with a rubber unicorn mask. There was even a guy doing the run in a walking cast. Considering how cold it was, I thought all of them were crazy.

Then I went to Sephora, which I couldn’t find at first because I usually just shop online instead of going to the store, and got gold liquid eyeliner. This was an essential purchase, without which I could not survive the holidays. Then I walked around to certain stores trying to locate Strawberry Champagne Jam for New Year’s Day breakfast, but I failed on that front. I can try again this Saturday, and I suppose I’ll order it online if I have to.

After the half-successful shopping, I met a friend at L.A. Burdick’s for chocolatey things. It was pretty crowded and none of the people sitting looked like they were planning to leave anytime soon, but I just sort of hovered until some people did get up and we got a table–fortunately, since it was way too cold to take even hot drinks outside. I had a mocha, she had a single-source hot chocolate, and we shared a delicious chocolate lemon cake and some lovely catch-up time.

Although I couldn’t find everything I wanted that day, it was definitely the bright spot of my weekend, and thus the bright spot of the preceding week as well. My time at work has not been pleasant lately. This is not because of any person. It’s mainly the situation of the commute, plus my inability to wake up in the mornings lately, plus a few other things. We all get frustrated with our jobs, right? RIGHT?

I’m thinking about taking suggestions for things to cook recipe-less. Is this a good plan? It could be great fun and it could be a disaster, so I’m not sure.

There are some other things I could talk about but this post is rather long already. So, bye-bye for now. I wish you a better Monday than I get to have.

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  1. I was going to save posting until after I could go home and upload my bad pictures to include one in the post, and I accidentally clicked on “publish” instead of “save draft.” I might add it in later, if I remember–and if any of the pictures are remotely good.

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