Monday Madness: Why, Math?

I signed up for an online class that started at the beginning of the month. I watched the first three video lectures right away, but then I forgot about it for the rest of the week. Each time they post the next week’s lectures they send an email. I got that email as each Sunday passed, putting off watching the videos, and finally, yesterday, went and watched the rest of the first weeks’ videos. The first four weeks are posted now.

The first videos I watched were ok. I generally understood what they were talking about and I figured they’d elaborate more in later weeks. Then the fourth and fifth, or fifth and sixth–I’m not sure, counting is hard–videos came along with equations and stuff, and all of a sudden I’m like “Uh, what?”

I’m not good with math. I can wrap my head around equations but only if each part is explained to me in detail, usually, and did I mention I haven’t actually done any math since high school, where I haven’t been for almost nine years? I was pretty lost. I felt that anything that they lingered on was stuff that was ridiculously easy to understand, but they sped through the equations without actually explaining how to use them. I really wanted this class to be a success, but if I watch the second group of videos and can’t get it, I might have to unenroll. I’m sure this will be largely because I put off watching the videos and therefore didn’t give myself enough time to study the stuff. But I thought we were going to be talking about theoretical stuff, not making calculations, so…

I’m starting to think that online classes don’t work for me, particularly if it’s just a free class that I’m not taking for a grade. There’s just about no accountability and that, ODDLY ENOUGH, is the same reason I never get any writing done.

I don’t know. There’s a class on the music of The Beatles starting soon, so maybe I should just take that one.

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  1. The word “to study” has a latin root:

    to give attention, be eager, be zealous, take pains, be diligent, be busy with, be devoted, strive after, apply oneself, pursue, desire, wish

    You see, the word implies a lot of effort, interest and work from you. To study something really means involvement and work. Of course with some subjects such comes easier, so maybe the music class will be easier for you to get into.

    • Probably true. Thanks for your thoughts.

      • I’m just a word and language nerd. Often I think the words, or the use of words reveal a lot about society, or persons, depending on the context.

        In this case it’s rather history. When the word was coined, and when it was taken into the English language, it was hard to study, and students were expected to be eager and to take pains. I beleive much of the original meaning got lost. We hope that learning can be easy, even fun, and good educational material actually comes quite close. But the higher you climb th knowledge mountain, the more the core of the word “study” becomes visible again.

        It’s like with many activities, the more serious and professionally you do something, the less fun it usually is.

        Anyways, good luck for your studies πŸ™‚ I’ve always been struggling with math too, particularly with the more abstract concepts that had no good visual or geomtric representation. Equations definitely have not.

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