I was just thinking that I will never make it to the end of the day without getting some coffee, and then this post popped up. Oh, so sad!

Of course, if we just ran out of coffee I’m sure we’d all acclimate to some other beverage. Or just take speed. This might reveal me as completely ignorant, but I’m going to ask anyway: since there is widespread climate change, isn’t it possible that some new area might become suited to growing coffee? And more importantly, is anyone looking into this? My motivations for asking are totally selfish. I already spend probably “too much” on coffee (like there’s such a thing) and I don’t really want to decrease my intake out of necessity. That’s just not nice.

Coffee, come back!

The Bean Stream

It is, quite literally, the beginning of the end. For coffee lovers.

Brazil, one of the countries with the highest production rate of Arabica coffee beans, is facing one of the worse droughts it has confronted in 20 years. It has been reported that more than 140 Brazilian cities are being rationed water, with some cities only getting water every three days.

While this is a difficult time for the people of Brazil, the unfortunate situation also has a ripple effect on the better part of the world. Other countries around the world that would normally rely on the import of Brazilian crops are being denied food and resources because of the drought; and the first and foremost crop being affected is coffee beans.

An interview on NPR tells us that in 49 days, southeastern Brazil (where most of Brazil’s crops are grown) has gotten only 11 millimeters of…

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