Smoothie Lament

I have been getting really into making smoothies in the last month or two. Once it started getting warmer. I put bananas and avocados and kale and lots of frozen berries and almond milk in them. Not all at once. But sometimes all at once. And they were SO delicious. And a great way to get in a lot of fruit–and some vegetables, but I’m not a big fan of vegetable smoothies.

Then, guess what happened? I made a smoothie, and my blender started smelling like it was burning. My options are: a. discontinue use of blender or b. risk burning down the house. It’s probably not a huge risk, but it might short out the outlet or something even if it doesn’t actually burn down the house. Either way, not good. So I’m going with option a.

I have always loved smoothies, and I especially love them in the summer. I’m unlikely to get a new blender soon, so this means I have to find a good smoothie place. This is a problem. There are tons of places where you can buy smoothies. I don’t mean pre-bottled ones, but the blended-to-order kind. However, it seems rather more difficult to find a place that makes really good smoothies. Somewhere they use at least some fresh–not frozen–ingredients, and no juice from concentrate. As far as I know, there are none of those in my neighborhood. Purple Cactus makes pretty tasty smoothies, but I’ve seen them being made, and they’re using mostly frozen fruit. I think almost everywhere I could go for a really good smoothie would require a train ride. And really… is that worth it? Probably not.

So I guess I’ll be drinking a lot less smoothies than I thought I would this summer.

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