Why do I listen to myself…

It seems I have made a very obvious mistake. …I started to think of the No-Recipe Life as having a recipe.

Ridiculous, right?

I haven’t written much because I haven’t felt inspired in the food area. And obviously this is a food blog, right? WROOOOONG. Not entirely wrong, as that was the original intent, but as time went on I added other types of topics to it, and intended to expand it even more before I went on an unintentional vacation.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I decided to use the No-Recipe approach to life in general, not just food. Sure, some guidelines are often useful, but who wants to stick to a certain set of rules all the time? Boring people, that’s who. (No offense if that’s you…)

Who knows why I forgot. Maybe I just got confused since most of my views lately have come from a single food post. Maybe I worry that no one cares what I have to say about other subjects. Maybe I shouldn’t care if they care, and write what I want.


Perhaps I’ll pick it up again immediately and be posting all the time! Perhaps it will take a while to get back into blogging with regularity. Perhaps I will start doing chains of sentences that begin with the same word often enough that people will start to seriously question my writing ability… let’s hope not.

It’s hard to give yourself a proper wrist-slap for going about something the wrong way. Probably because your heart’s just not in it (the wrist-slapping). I suppose it would make more sense just to learn and move on. Anyway, I do hope to be posting more soon, and as I’ve said I would do many times before, I might totally revamp my blog. Because it’s not vampy enough.

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  1. If you lack inspiration or motivation for a blogging subject, perhaps it is time to evolve the blog to a different subject?

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