Blaugust 5: Too Darn Hot

When the weather cooled down a little while ago, it felt so good. Too good, really. Weather just should not make me this happy. But it seems that as much as I hate being cold (so I wear multiple layers every day in the winter), I also can’t stand being hot. My body just does not react well to it.

This is the reason I love fall. It has nothing to do with a particular flavor of latte or the leaves changing. It’s because the relief of being too hot for days (or weeks!!!!) on end finally comes. It’s finally possible to wear clothes without wanting to pass out.

Sure, I could just drink beverages loaded up with ice all day, but 1. the ice melts really fast and 2. then I have to pee every ten minutes. I also don’t have easy access to a pool, air conditioning or even good air flow at home, or nearly enough clothes that are loose and airy but still things I can wear in public.

If you are an adult (who does not work as a teacher) and you love summer, I’m sorry but I think you’re lying.

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  1. Sometimes we’re meant to sweat, sometimes to shiver. I love summer especially in early August, when I’ve finally relaxed into the slower, easier rhythms of the season, and can still look ahead to more of the same. Get out of that breeze-free apartment (but not right now, it’s too late to be going out….)

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