Blaugust 10: I’m Too Tired

Some days I’m too tired to think of anything to blog about. Sometimes those days are somewhat due to staying up too late watching Netflix. Sometimes I just happen to be tired.

Today it’s both of those things.

In terms of sleep, I haven’t been doing the best job. I’m not sure how to improve that except for going on vacation and not having any schedule at all. Since I can’t do that…

More coffee?

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  1. More sleep! And keep writing — try writing at a different time of day. Give yourself a limited time: 10 minutes. Or 4 minutes and 29 seconds! Post without regard to an audience.
    Howl like Allen Ginsburg, who said: “To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.” This is your writing practice, to get the creative juices going….

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