Blaugust 13: The Weirdest Dreams

I often get snippets of last night’s dreams at random times during the day. By snippets, I mean anything from a weird impression of a thing that my brain told me really happened while I was in dreamland, to the entire contents of the dream packed into a sudden memory that my mind processes in less than a second. And since dream time is very different, and one dream can sometimes occur as if over many years, that can be quite a strange experience.

Sometimes I’ll only remember the people who were in it and what type of interaction we had, as opposed to what actually happened.

I’ll say from time to time, “I have the weirdest dreams.” When I have this thought, I don’t usually mean the ones where I was talking with a headless demon or giant bugs invaded my bedroom (both of those were real dreams I had). I mean the ones that would be essentially indistinguishable from real life but for the distinct separation, when awake, between the experiences that are “real” and those that are fabricated in the mind.

You might think–well, I dreamed last night that I was a mer-octopus with the head of a lion, so that was weirder.

Is it, though? Because that is most obviously a dream. No matter what you know it is a dream, because that type of dream is so different from the real world.

In a way the dreams that are most like real life, with strange differences (like your best friend looks completely different, or your relationship with someone in your life is completely different, or a friend makes a cameo but they act like they never would in real life…) are weirder. They’re jarring, sometimes disorienting. Sometimes you’ll think “I’m so glad that was a dream,” and other times “I wish that wasn’t a dream.”


I wonder what I will be dreaming about tonight.

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  1. Wow, that’s some weird freaky shit–I love it! Well, except for the giant invading bugs & headless demon.

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