Blaugust 14: Fish Dragons

So I downloaded a new app (found it completely at random) called Zen Koi, and that’s almost all I’ve been doing for the past few days. I have taken way too many breaks from work today to play this game some more.

You start with one koi and breed more along the way, and then you make the fish and the pond they swim in grow until they become dragons. DRAGONS. Unfortunately you don’t get to watch the dragons fly, or swim, but you collect the different colors and patterns of dragons.

It’s not a difficult game but it does require patience at times, and of course you have to like the graphics, which would seem to be the main point of the game. I like them, so I can’t get enough of it.

After another few weeks I’ll probably relax and play it once every few days. Games don’t tend to hold my attention for a long period of time, so I might be obsessed for a little while… what I need is a period of time where I’m actually too busy to play it. Some forced separation may be necessary. For now, though, it’s a new and fun and colorful distraction.

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