My Food Credo

I thought, in case you’re curious what type of food I’m likely to write about, I’d let you in on my attitude toward food in general (other than “yes, delicious”).

I like to try all kinds of things. My palate is pretty open in terms of what it likes, so I am lucky in that way. You might see any variety of foods here, coming from various cultures with multitudes of flavors.

I do understand the importance of eating healthy. I know that too much sugar, carbs, meat, and processed stuff is really bad for you. I’m sure that eating exclusively fresh, whole foods probably makes you feel way better overall. I suppose if I ever tried it, I would like the way I felt and I would be unlikely to go back to all those other flavor-saturated things I used to love that don’t make me as healthy. However, everything I hear or read about that kind of diet affirms that it requires more money and effort than I’m willing to put into my food habits.

I do not diet. Many popular diets end up being unhealthy in the long run, and even dangerous at times (like those liquid cleanses, not made for every person’s body to take). I’m never going to do low-carb because I LOVE BREAD. I won’t cut out sugar, because I enjoy sweets too much. I will continue to eat fried foods because they’re tasty.

Instead of going all out on pure, whole foods or denying myself the things I love to eat, I try to keep a balance in my diet and eat reasonable portions. In addition to the bread and sweets and fried food I have already told you I love, I also love fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurt, water and tea, and other healthful things like that. Especially the fruit. I now eat some variety of salad for almost every lunch, but I try to mix up what’s in it frequently so I don’t get bored. Meat-wise, I most often eat chicken or seafood, not a lot of red meat and I try not to eat much fatty meat. I no longer like those super-processed items that little kids often go for, like marshmallow fluff, extra-sweet cereals, or non-cheese cheeses. You know that packaged American Cheese you can get extremely cheap at the store? Read the package. It says “cheese product.” It’s not even real cheese…

I certainly would never claim that my style of eating is the healthiest one, and for people who have more health problems should try harder than I do to eat healthy. However, for my own purposes, the way I eat now is just simpler and cheaper (and most likely tastier) than that health-nut diet that supposedly makes you feel great… the key is moderation in general.

Much like the policy of improvisational, non-recipe-based cooking, this is what works for me. You do what works for you.

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