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Monday Marathon Madness

Today is Monday. Again.

It’s also Patriot’s Day, tax day, and Marathon Monday. That’s a lot of days rolled into one. And unfortunately for me, I have a commute that crosses the city, and therefore it is affected somewhat by the mbta changes. And the mbta is bad on a GOOD day.

I am one of about three people in the office job category (ie not retail or restaurant) whose office is not closed today. I find this unfortunate.

Aside from all that, I got up rather late this morning because I was cuddling with my snooze button. I barely even had time to get dressed, let alone make coffee and actually eat breakfast. I got off the bus early and had a bagel and coffee at Cafenation. My breakfast habits make me think two things. 1) Coffee is just delicious. Wonderful. Happy juice! 2) I need to stock my kitchen with waaaaay way more fresh fruit. And also stop buying strawberries at Stop and Shop, since they always seem to be bad (either moldy or rotten). Luckily only a few of them were having mold, so I used the ones I could salvage and threw  the rest away, sadly. I really wish produce at Whole Foods were cheaper…

I don’t blame the marathon for the silly morning, I blame the bad location of my job in relation to my house. I really wish it was a reasonable walking distance. I would actually prefer a walking commute. It’s one of two things I really miss about the time I worked in Harvard Square… granted, I couldn’t walk there NOW, but when I worked there I could.

That’s life. A series of small adjustments and dealing with stuff you don’t like. Although, I might start taking the 65 bus to work every day. Or maybe just when it’s nice enough to walk. Less time on the bus, and none on the train. And it’s not like rushing through Copley at that time of day really does any good for me. I don’t know, seems like a good idea–plus I wouldn’t have to deal with Kenmore. Oh, Kenmore. I am sick of you.

P.S. Get your taxes done! Hurry hurry!


The Little Things…



I’m so happy with how my eggs turned out today that I’m posting a picture of them for you. I’m less happy with how the picture itself turned out, but I do not have a good camera, so at least that’s not a surprise.

These are over-sunny-side-up. I know that’s not a thing. But, instead of flipping them like I usually do, I covered the pan for a minute or two, and the bit of white just formed over the top. The yolks cooked a bit more than I like them (I want ’em runny!), but I don’t care today because it’s so rare that my eggs turn out so pretty.

You might start to see these plates often, because they’re more appropriate for personal servings than the large dinner plates I have. I love these plates. They were on sale at Anthropologie so I got a set of two. Anthropologie is an awesome store, but unfortunately I can’t really afford anything that isn’t on sale. And a lot of things that are on sale.

Happy breakfast!


(also toast with some apricot jam and coffee, in case you were wondering)

Roll over! Good breakfast!

Ok, well, I had a picture of this morning’s breakfast, but it looked really weird. I’ll just tell you a story instead.

I like delicious tasty breakfasts but sometimes the effort of making them just means that I often grab whatever’s at hand. Breakfast only gets cooked on days when I don’t have work, usually. But today, I still frowned at the idea of actually spending time in the kitchen. So I threw something together: whole wheat tortilla, sliced ham, some (badly) sliced brie, microwaved briefly and then topped with scrambled eggs.

I’m disproportionately proud of the fact that I figured out how to make really good scrambled eggs. I used to think I didn’t like scrambled eggs, but that’s just because I hadn’t had good ones for a long time.

As a roll-up, it was rather drippy. So if you want to avoid that, I guess cook your eggs long enough that there is no moisture left at all? People say they don’t like their scrambled eggs “runny,” but their definition of runny is usually too dry for me. So my breakfast wrap dripped all over me. It’s ok.

I also prepared a ready-breakfast option during the week that turned out pretty well. Pumpkin blueberry muffins! They aren’t as good as bakery muffins, but they are moist, and taste good. I used this recipe and added approximately one cup of blueberries. They got a little overdone on the outside… maybe I should have had the oven on slightly lower. Oh well. Still edible! I poured the leftover batter into a vaguely multi-purpose baking dish and made bread of the same flavor. It’s more of a cakey texture than a bread texture, but… that’s muffins. I would have taken a picture, but there are enough pictures of muffins floating around the internet.

So that concludes this somewhat boring post. Sorry I don’t have anything fun or interesting to talk about… Maybe next time.

Food in the Sun (just because)


Iggy’s bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomato, and avocado, with a side of strawberries. I also put maple syrup in my coffee, and it tasted very nice.

My beautiful breakfast


Cheesy scrambled eggs with smoked paprika and pepper, tomatoes, a bit of mango (kind of old), some aloo paratha, and coffee!

Anybody else make a beautiful breakfast recently?

Amazing Scrambled Eggs!

I just made some awesome scrambled eggs. At least, they were the beginnings of awesome scrambled eggs. There’s room for improvement. No pictures because I just wanted to eat breakfast, but let me tell you how it went…


It all started when cracking two eggs into the pan to fry over-easy (my favorite eggs) resulted in a broken yolk. I was going to continue to fry them, but changed my mind, grabbed a spatula, then scrambled them around a bit. To make the eggs smoother, I poured in a bit of milk. I would normally have used half and half, but I was almost out and needed it for coffee. Mixing up the eggs and milk turned the whole thing into a perfect jumble without any of those big clumps, which are the reason I so often do not like scrambled eggs. I sprinkled on a bit of cheese (wait until it’s at least half cooked, cheese doesn’t take long to melt and you probably don’t want to risk it burning), then at the end added smoked paprika to kick up the flavor.

I probably should have added less milk. There was a bit of liquid pooling on my plate that seemed kind of weird, but it didn’t affect the taste, and of course the eggs were cooked perfectly, so no big deal. I’d recommend adding half and half, or cream, and not very much of it. You do need to add enough so that it can saturate all of the eggs.

Have a fun breakfast!

Winning at Pumpkining!


The ultimate pumpkin “breakfast” (although it might have been dinner. This food object is from late September/early October so I don’t remember anymore): Pumpkin Pancake Sundae!

Pumpkin pancake mix from Trader Joe’s, made with mini peanut butter cups.

Pumpkin ice cream

Whipped cream, mini peanut butter cups to garnish


I had intended to also have hot fudge on it, but I left that off to avoid a sugar coma.


Served on a monkey plate.

Render and such

The reason I haven’t posted for so long is, as you might have guessed, that I haven’t eaten anything in all this time.

I’m kidding, of course.

Actually, a combination of procrastination and general bad-moodness is the reason. Luckily for those of you who are interested in reading my posts, that means I now have lots of posts to catch up on. Quite a bit of experimenting. Also other random eating. Last night was Halloween, and I ate a salad of lettuce, tomato, and dressing. That’s all I had for dinner. Exciting Halloween, huh? But I’m not going to talk about Halloween, and the fact that I didn’t do anything.

I did note that, after I asked people to actually click on my posts and come to the page, they did. Thank you! I appreciate you! I may or may not ever mention it again.

Catchup post #1:

Time to talk about one of the high-end, expensive coffee places in Boston: Render Coffee in the South End. I checked them out at a 50% discount by the good graces of Scoutmob. If you have not heard of them, you should check them out. They do deals in a number of cities, and if you live in one of them, I would highly recommend you get the app. It’s free to download and use. I have no idea how they make any money.   Read the rest of this entry

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