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Monday Madness: It’s Memorial Day, F*%^ Off

I think I’ve worked almost every memorial day since graduating from college. While I was working in human services, they needed staff 24/7 and of course Monday was a regular shift for me, and I could never afford to take a day off because I never got paid days off. You’d think it would be different now that I work an office job, but my office doesn’t close for Memorial Day. At least, that’s what I was told, although no one else is here, so… Oh, well. I’m here, so if no one comes along and tells me to leave, I’m working at least most of the day. I need to get stuff done.

Come to think of it, did Bennington even give us Memorial Day off? I’m thinking they probably did, but I’m having a lot of trouble remembering. If I recall correctly, that was always our last week of classes, which for me usually meant finishing that last literature or psychology paper, pulling together that presentation, and goofing off just a little bit in my last voice class because I’d already done the performances for that term. Enjoying the sunny End of the World and trying to get in a last hangout with friends before we all went away. Like in so many other cases, no one lived close to me, so seeing people over the summer was usually not possible.

And so I ask you, Memorial Day, if I don’t get the day off then what are you good for? Not only that, but the MBTA runs on a Sunday schedule, which is the worst one. The bus I usually take doesn’t even run, and the other option runs far less frequently. As luck would have it I didn’t end up being late, but I did have to wait about 20 minutes at Kenmore. Which is just awful.

Well, I’m at work, so I guess I’ll get going on actually doing work. Have some burgers fresh from the grill for me OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. Not really. Yes, really.  

Eating All Over Town

As I commented to a friend earlier today, I have been stubbornly refusing to go grocery shopping for about two weeks now. That is not to say I haven’t been to the grocery store, but I’ve only picked up a few things while I was there. I haven’t done a full shop for quite a while. I’m going to try to force myself to do it tonight. If not, it will have to be tomorrow, because there are too many things I need.

In the meantime, I’ve been buying a lot of food out. Breakfasts, because I haven’t wanted to wake up in time for breakfast. Dinner once or twice. Otherwise, I’ve been scraping together meals from whatever’s around in my kitchen, but not too much worth posting about. I’ll update you soon on one or two of the things I’ve adventurously cooked.

Until then, I wanted to run down some of the foods I’ve been purchasing… or having purchased for me (I visited my parents last weekend, so of course they bought me food), with short reviews of the places. We’ll start with when I was in Worcester.

1. Surya – Indian restaurant – I have loved this place for a very very long time. They’ve changed a bit since we first started going there. New owners or new chef or both. Some of my favorite items there have been the Rose Milkshake, Mango Lassi, Shahi Paneer, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Nan. And my ultimate Surya dish, tandoori chicken. At other Indian restaurants, tandoori chicken is not really my top choice. But here, they do this amazing thing with the marinating or the cooking method that just makes it so incredibly flavorful and juicy. This time, I decided I wanted to try it hot. Let’s just say that was a mistake. I usually get it medium, and I can hardly feel any burn at all. Fully spicy, it was still good, but actually made my throat sore, which I have never had happen when eating spicy food before. So I won’t be doing that again. If the burn had stayed in my mouth, and out of my throat, I would have been fine with it. Not a fan of food that makes my throat hurt. It actually still hurt the next day. But PLEASE don’t take this as a negative opinion of the restaurant. They are my favorite Indian restaurant I’ve ever been to and I recommend that everyone go there.

2. Ronnie’s – Sea food and ice cream – This place was close to my childhood home, so I’ve been there many, many times. I never get to go there anymore, though. I miss it. It’s a seasonal place that is open from April to October, I believe, and they have really good, quality seafood. They also have standard burgers, chicken, etc. for people who don’t like sea food, but then why would you go to Ronnie’s? I had the expensive jumbo lobster roll, which is just the perfect item if you like lobster. The clam fritters are delicious but probably not very healthy. And if you go for ice cream, I’d suggest the chocolate-dipped soft serve.

Now back to Boston:

3. Monte Cristo Mexican grill – Ok… so, I’ve ordered from this place before, and it always takes them a while to deliver, but it took them a really long time on Cinco de Mayo. I should have expected that. But I was ordering from Eat24 with one of their weekend coupons and they’re the only mexican restaurant on there that delivers to me… at least, the only one that didn’t also serve chinese food. So I got a carnitas burrito, which was tasty, but not life-changing or anything. (I have yet to come across a life-changing burrito. If you find one, let me know, because I WANT.) The service is friendly here but a little slow. The food is good, but not great, and sometimes just ok. I did get pork enchiladas from them one time and they tasted amazing, so maybe just go with the enchiladas, or a burrito if you’re not feeling too picky. But their fajitas aren’t served with tortillas. I was really confused…

4. Caffe Aromi – I’ve only been in this place one time before, just to get a latte or a chai or something. I stopped there for breakfast one morning last week because I was in a rush (unfortunately, it didn’t help me get to work any faster, but nevermind). I got a breakfast sandwich and a latte, and I wished I’d gotten a savory croissant and regular coffee instead. What I got was good, but my sense when I’m there is that I’m overpaying. I just don’t feel like you quite get your money’s worth. Also, the decor strangely makes the room look kind of empty, which is rather unpleasant to me. The food to me seems comparable to most other independent cafes, so maybe it’s just the weird tables and chairs I don’t like.

5. Grass Fed – I went there because I had been craving a burger. After debating going for quite some time, I finally determined that I didn’t feel like cooking so I headed out. I just got a standard cheeseburger, and I was what I expected. The draw of Grass Fed is being pretty much “gourmet” fast food. They claim to use local products as much as they can, which is a nice incentive, as it’s good to support local. The best way to describe their burgers; they taste like fast food, but good. It’s not a real, big barbeque burger, but it’s not a gross McDonald’s patty either. Worth heading out there once in a while.

6. Mr. Crepe – This place in Davis Square is a nice little treat once in a while. I used to go get coffee there on occasion when I went through Davis on my way to work. Their coffee is pretty good. Unfortunately they lost my order at first, meaning I had to wait for at least 15 extra minutes for my food to be ready. Of course. It was good. I got savory crepes with spinach, basil, and tomatoes, and I was fairly satisfied. As for the crepes themselves, I’m more a fan of the ones at Cafenation. These I think would be better with the sweet fillings. But that’s just me.


That’s all for now. I’m proud to say that I managed to stop myself from ordering a pizza, but I don’t know how much longer that will last. Pizza is wonderful and when you get the craving, how long do you really expect to hold out against the amazing power of pizza?

What Do You Crave?

It’s happened to everyone. You’re going about your day, everything is normal. Then all of a sudden – say, sitting at your desk, or while reorganizing your shelves, or in the middle of some kind of business meeting – all you want is a chocolate milkshake.

It came out of nowhere, and it could have just been a passing moment, but instead, the thought takes root. You can see that chocolate milkshake chilling out in your mind (hehe). It might even ruin your concentration, you want it so much.

You get the idea. It could be any number of things – a cookie, a panino (which is the actual singular, btw), a lamb kebob. And often it will go away after a while, even if you don’t get the thing you wanted. For the time being, though, your stomach and/or taste buds are in control.

Oddly enough, this has been happening to me a lot. There are a few things I’ve been craving all the time lately.

1. Burritos. I don’t know what it is about the burrito, but they’re just DAMN delicious. And I feel like I want them all the time. However, even though I often have the opportunity, just any burrito isn’t going to suffice. I need a really good one. And that is why I am sitting here, craving a burrito, right now. With guacamole.

2. Burgers. Nice big juicy ones, with melty cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a tasty, toasty bun. I tend to more often come across that substitute burger, which is good, but is a different animal than that two-handed, drippy mess I’m wishing for. (Not literally, though. I hope it’s still made of cow…)

3. Cannoli. Is there any need to explain this one?

4. Jalapeno poppers. They sure are delicious, but I cannot figure out why I constantly want these. I even crave them WHILE I’M EATING THEM. I think I have a sickness. I’m addicted to the particular combination of creamy cheese and jalapeno battered, crumbed, and deep fried…

I bet you have cravings all the time. What do you crave? Spicy? Sweet? Chinese? Indian? Seafood? All of these at once?

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