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I Feel Like a Chicken Pot Pie

I should maybe clarify: I don’t mean that I feel as if I am a chicken pot pie. I mean that I want one.


I’m thinking about the crusty pastry and the nice warm, hearty filling, one of those perfect cold-weather foods.


There’s a diner style restaurant down the street from me where I could get a nice freshly made one for barely more than you’d pay for a (good) frozen one. I don’t know if I’d want the frozen type, with its cubes of almost-chicken and its tendency to burn or get all hard in one spot, inedible.

Of course, I’m not going to have it today. I’ve already determined that tonight’s the night I use my Osushi coupon.

Do you ever feel that food is just too difficult?



I got cranberries last night! This is the first time ever I will be making cranberry sauce. I will be using a recipe, since this is for Thanksgiving and not for food experiment. However, I do have one interesting thing to try on it, and I bought two packages of cranberries so I guess if I ruin the first try, I can have another go. Problem: I don’t think I have a zester. 😦

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