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Today I met up with someone from my study abroad program who I haven’t seen for about 5 years. It was really nice to hang out and reconnect, although we never really hung out in Ireland, so I don’t know if that “re” really makes sense. That’s not important. It was fun.

I stopped at Panera for lunch, using a gift card for FREE FOOD! I love free food. I ordered from the “hidden menu,” and I have to say I was pretty happy with the Mediterranean chicken salad. It had bacon and eggs in it, so it’s almost like a breakfast salad. I think this was the first time I’ve ordered a salad from Panera, and they are pretty large. Of course, it came with a side of bread, which was delicious.


I might start talking about clothes soon. I don’t think I want to be a fashion blogger, because I’d feel like I’m inviting people to judge my style… but I inadvertently will start talking about my clothes to my friends sometimes, and although I usually talk for longer than they care to listen, I kind of like it. Who knows, maybe you’re interested in hearing about what I wear, and maybe you REALLY don’t care. This blog will still be mainly comprised of food/life adventures, so don’t worry. I’m just thinking of throwing another ingredient into my recipe-less blog.

Squealing Pig review coming soon. I promise!

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