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Monday Marathon Madness

Today is Monday. Again.

It’s also Patriot’s Day, tax day, and Marathon Monday. That’s a lot of days rolled into one. And unfortunately for me, I have a commute that crosses the city, and therefore it is affected somewhat by the mbta changes. And the mbta is bad on a GOOD day.

I am one of about three people in the office job category (ie not retail or restaurant) whose office is not closed today. I find this unfortunate.

Aside from all that, I got up rather late this morning because I was cuddling with my snooze button. I barely even had time to get dressed, let alone make coffee and actually eat breakfast. I got off the bus early and had a bagel and coffee at Cafenation. My breakfast habits make me think two things. 1) Coffee is just delicious. Wonderful. Happy juice! 2) I need to stock my kitchen with waaaaay way more fresh fruit. And also stop buying strawberries at Stop and Shop, since they always seem to be bad (either moldy or rotten). Luckily only a few of them were having mold, so I used the ones I could salvage and threw  the rest away, sadly. I really wish produce at Whole Foods were cheaper…

I don’t blame the marathon for the silly morning, I blame the bad location of my job in relation to my house. I really wish it was a reasonable walking distance. I would actually prefer a walking commute. It’s one of two things I really miss about the time I worked in Harvard Square… granted, I couldn’t walk there NOW, but when I worked there I could.

That’s life. A series of small adjustments and dealing with stuff you don’t like. Although, I might start taking the 65 bus to work every day. Or maybe just when it’s nice enough to walk. Less time on the bus, and none on the train. And it’s not like rushing through Copley at that time of day really does any good for me. I don’t know, seems like a good idea–plus I wouldn’t have to deal with Kenmore. Oh, Kenmore. I am sick of you.

P.S. Get your taxes done! Hurry hurry!

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