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Random Food Craving

For some reason, I am having a strong desire for pumpkin pie right now. Yes, pumpkin pie. Weird, right? Usually people start craving pumpkin in September, at the earliest (although these days Starbucks starts advertising the PSL in effing JULY).

I need it to be a very specific kind of pumpkin pie, though. Smooth, creamy, and sweet. The crust isn’t extremely important, but a good, buttery, slightly flaky one would be best.

You know how sometimes you know people who bake and they bake well, but they don’t necessarily make things the way you like them best? Yeah, so the last time I had pumpkin pie it wasn’t the kind I really like. It was good, but not satisfying to my particular taste buds…

Not a big deal. I’m sure later today I’ll be craving a burger or a lobster role or creme brulee.

Random Food Craving

Today, I suddenly felt a strong urge for clam fritters from Ronnie’s. This is a seafood place in Auburn, MA where I used to go all the time growing up. I’ve barely gone there at all since starting college. Maybe once a year. They make an amazing lobster roll.

The clam fritters are balls of perfectly fried savory dough dotted with small pieces of clam. I don’t remember them being particularly greasy, which is an impressive feat considering they’re made in the fryer… They’re so delicious, so comforting, so exactly what I want to eat at this moment.

Sadly, I don’t know if the restaurant is still open. It’s a seasonal place, starting some time in April and ending either in September or October. If they are still going for the year, chances are very slim I’ll get a chance to go. So if you’re in central Massachusetts, consider going there and eating some clam fritters for me. If they are still open, there might be a bit of a line. Just stick it out, the food, generally is worth it.

(Just don’t go there and order a burger. GET THE SEAFOOD. That’s the entire reason for going there.)

Damn If I Know

Off and on for a few months now, I’ve had a craving for a hot dog. This is probably the strangest craving I’ve ever had. I never really liked hot dogs that much. I always smothered them in ketchup, to the point where most of the flavor was, in fact, ketchup. It would be easy enough to buy hot dogs at the store and just have one, but the problem is that I just want one. One hot dog, one time. If I bought a whole package of them, at least four would go to waste. And I know you can get them at some restaurants or food trucks, but if I’m going out to eat, I’m not getting a hot dog.

Besides, the whole mystery meat thing is pretty off-putting.

People who use a nextbus-like app will know what I’m talking about now:

Sometimes, I’ll check the app to see when the bus will arrive as I’m waiting. The app predicts that the bus is running on time, and updates accordingly. I refresh as it gets close to arriving to make sure I’m not missing something. I watch the road. The app says the bus has come and gone, but it definitely hasn’t.

What’s that crap about? They don’t track buses that aren’t running, so… what’s the deal? Did the bus take some weird detour and skip that stop? Did it drive off into an alternate dimension? Probably.

Life’s strange mysteries.

Monday Madness: Why Is It So Cold Today?

It’s about that time again. I really feel like “Madness” is accurate, although not limited to Monday. My life makes me feel crazy. 😛 I can’t really explain what I mean without going into super-backstory, so I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. Don’t worry, I’m a functional crazy.

1) I am SO incredibly tired today. I got a pretty substantial amount of sleep this weekend, so you’d think I would be ok, but I really just wanted to hide in bed and sleep for the bulk of the day instead of getting up and going to work.

2) Leisurely breakfasts are the only way to actually have a good morning. (Perhaps, don’t take this so literally. There may be other ways, but I mean that most mornings I have that are good involve a leisurely breakfast, or at least leisurely coffee.) That did not happen today.

3) Isn’t it fucking spring? Why did my hands freeze while waiting for the bus this morning? Why does it have to be so damn windy? Wind is pretty much always guaranteed to ruin my mood. Wind is the enemy of hairdos, scarves, umbrellas, stacks of paper, and anything you happen to set down on the ground. Also of certain types of skirts. Just one more advantage to the pencil skirt, really…

I’m trying to determine what it is that I want so badly right now. I am not hungry, as I had a snack of a Kind bar and then a plastic container full of vegetables. But I keep craving something, like… a caramel latte, maybe. If you’ve never had one, they’re basically dessert dressing up as coffee. You know it’s not really coffee, but you go along pretending it is for the time that you’re drinking it.

Side note: Kind apricot-almond bars with yogurt are really good. I need to get some more of them for those times when I need a snack, but I’m lazy.

In the future I do want to try to make Monday Madness posts a little bit more coherent, focused on one thing, but like I said, my life makes me crazy and my brain is all over the place (and not a place that’s useful, like in my head. I don’t know where it went). So we’ll just have to try again next time.

Much sanity to you.

Shrimp and pepper saute over quinoa

So I made this a while ago… I can’t really remember exactly what I put in it any more, so here’s some variation or other of this dish:



Quinoa: prepared according to basic instructions. It was a tricolor package. I used 1/2 cup of quinoa and 1 cup water, which is much closer to the amount one person would want to eat than if you make a whole cup…


Heat vegetable oil in pan, add sliced bell peppers. Mine were “rainbow,” but actually more of “flamebow”–red, orange, and yellow. Very nice to look at. Cook for several minutes, until peppers are getting soft.

I remember now. I actually added the peppers alone first, to get them seared a little, then added the oil after, before adding the shrimp.

Add peeled raw shrimp. Stir to make sure the shrimp is touching the pan, not just sitting on top of the peppers.

When shrimp has started to turn opaque and pink, add fresh basil. Mix in.

Add desired seasonings. Suggestions: cajun seasoning, thyme, black pepper, red pepper flakes. I am pretty sure I added red pepper flakes.

When it looks done, squeeze lime wedges over shrimp and peppers, stir to coat.

Put quinoa in a bowl, serve shrimp and peppers on top.


This was quite pleasing to the mouth and the eyes, and yet I wanted a cheeseburger SO BAD right after eating it (I had wanted one earlier too). I didn’t end up getting a cheeseburger… in fact, I still haven’t managed to have one yet. I should get on that. On a different day, I’m sure it would have been quite satisfying.


What Do You Crave?

It’s happened to everyone. You’re going about your day, everything is normal. Then all of a sudden – say, sitting at your desk, or while reorganizing your shelves, or in the middle of some kind of business meeting – all you want is a chocolate milkshake.

It came out of nowhere, and it could have just been a passing moment, but instead, the thought takes root. You can see that chocolate milkshake chilling out in your mind (hehe). It might even ruin your concentration, you want it so much.

You get the idea. It could be any number of things – a cookie, a panino (which is the actual singular, btw), a lamb kebob. And often it will go away after a while, even if you don’t get the thing you wanted. For the time being, though, your stomach and/or taste buds are in control.

Oddly enough, this has been happening to me a lot. There are a few things I’ve been craving all the time lately.

1. Burritos. I don’t know what it is about the burrito, but they’re just DAMN delicious. And I feel like I want them all the time. However, even though I often have the opportunity, just any burrito isn’t going to suffice. I need a really good one. And that is why I am sitting here, craving a burrito, right now. With guacamole.

2. Burgers. Nice big juicy ones, with melty cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a tasty, toasty bun. I tend to more often come across that substitute burger, which is good, but is a different animal than that two-handed, drippy mess I’m wishing for. (Not literally, though. I hope it’s still made of cow…)

3. Cannoli. Is there any need to explain this one?

4. Jalapeno poppers. They sure are delicious, but I cannot figure out why I constantly want these. I even crave them WHILE I’M EATING THEM. I think I have a sickness. I’m addicted to the particular combination of creamy cheese and jalapeno battered, crumbed, and deep fried…

I bet you have cravings all the time. What do you crave? Spicy? Sweet? Chinese? Indian? Seafood? All of these at once?

I Feel Like a Chicken Pot Pie

I should maybe clarify: I don’t mean that I feel as if I am a chicken pot pie. I mean that I want one.


I’m thinking about the crusty pastry and the nice warm, hearty filling, one of those perfect cold-weather foods.


There’s a diner style restaurant down the street from me where I could get a nice freshly made one for barely more than you’d pay for a (good) frozen one. I don’t know if I’d want the frozen type, with its cubes of almost-chicken and its tendency to burn or get all hard in one spot, inedible.

Of course, I’m not going to have it today. I’ve already determined that tonight’s the night I use my Osushi coupon.

Do you ever feel that food is just too difficult?



I got cranberries last night! This is the first time ever I will be making cranberry sauce. I will be using a recipe, since this is for Thanksgiving and not for food experiment. However, I do have one interesting thing to try on it, and I bought two packages of cranberries so I guess if I ruin the first try, I can have another go. Problem: I don’t think I have a zester. 😦

The Pumpkin Post

I like to scroll through food blog entries and just about everyone and their mom and their mom’s dog and the dog’s favorite leg is currently writing about pumpkin foods and drinks. It seems like it’s already been talked to death and fall only started a few weeks ago! So I’ll just stick to my main points about pumpkins and food.

1. Most places are using pumpkin syrup to flavor their lattes – not actual pumpkin – so there is no good reason they can’t serve them year-round. They are so delicious, and I don’t only want them in the fall. I understand why they do it, but I hate them.

2. The Starbucks variety of pumpkin lattes are not very good. I like my lattes to taste like coffee, with pumpkin flavoring and spices. Not like sugar with pumpkin flavoring and maybe a hint of coffee. I have gotten one this season, and a pumpkin spice frappucino, which I enjoyed – but that I did not expect to taste like coffee. My preference would be Peet’s, which in fact tastes much more like coffee, but they’re less conveniently located. They also have a pumpkin chai option, which I must say is soooooooooooooooo good. With more o’s. If you like chai and pumpkin, there is no way you won’t like this. Try one!
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