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This Week in Five Things Friday

  1. Rest in peace, David Bowie and Alan Rickman.
  2. I hadn’t expected that I would work at a toy store. I think it will be a nice place to work. At the very least it will be an interesting experiment in leaving the house more often.
  3. I think that a large amount of the stress most people experience is from having to worry about money. This is why everyone wanted to win the powerball. Also, I was reading something about a previous lottery winner and I thought, “Who needs $590 million at 84? It’s not like you have the time to use it. That’s just too much for one person. Even if they’re not that old.” This sounds ageist, I’m sure, but actually it’s more a reaction to the thought of any one person having that much money. You don’t need it, and there are so many people who could do with just a fraction of that. The lottery is wack, yo. (I never say wack or yo, so you know it’s true.)
  4. Everything has been taking me so long these days… except for moments when I’m super productive!
  5. Goodnight.

Last-Day Syndrome

Aaagh, 2 days, seriously? It’s so soon! I am experiencing that thing where it’s the last day before a break so I really don’t want to do anything, but the one important task I need to finish before I leave did not actually get completed yesterday. Why do manuscripts have to be so long? … So I’ve got to get down to business and finish that today, and then do as much of the next manuscript as I can. STRESS. Plus, I really need to clean my room, but I don’t think I’ll have time…

I’m going to have to make SURE I relax and enjoy myself for this vacation, because preparing to go on vacation is so stressful. Does this count as irony? Probably not. But it seems like it should.

I had the last of my leftover tikka masala for breakfast. Hey, if you can have breakfast for dinner, then dinner for breakfast is also acceptable. That’s what I say. Tonight or tomorrow I’ll be putting up a non-recipe post about it. I have some good-ish pictures.

As much as I would like to blog all day, I should really get this work done. So…

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