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Do I Want a Fruit Tart, or Just the Pastry Shell?

The other day I saw a picture of empty pastry shells and I thought, “Mmmm, a creamy, fresh fruit tart would be so good right now.” Or maybe a cheesecake. Because fruit tarts are the most common dessert to come in that sort of shell/crust, although I suppose they are sometimes filled with a chocolate pudding-like substance as well. Then I thought… I kind of just want the shell.



If you try to tell me that these pictures do not all look completely delicious, I will assume you’re lying.

I suppose the answer is to go buy a fruit tart and an empty pastry shell and eat both. Then I can give an informed decision not concerning which one is tastier, but which one I am actually craving.

Making one is another option, but I’ve never had much interest in baking something I can just as easily buy. For this reason, I don’t have flour and sugar waiting around to be made into cookies, cakes, and tarts, and I probably don’t have enough butter, either. If I had a kitchen to myself, I might be more likely to spend more time in it experimenting with food. It’s part of the reason I haven’t been posting much–I need the place to myself to really get into the spirit of fun, experimental dishes that I used to write about all the time.

For now, I can only say that looking at this pictures is really making me want a tart shell, filled or not.


Smoothie Lament

I have been getting really into making smoothies in the last month or two. Once it started getting warmer. I put bananas and avocados and kale and lots of frozen berries and almond milk in them. Not all at once. But sometimes all at once. And they were SO delicious. And a great way to get in a lot of fruit–and some vegetables, but I’m not a big fan of vegetable smoothies.

Then, guess what happened? I made a smoothie, and my blender started smelling like it was burning. My options are: a. discontinue use of blender or b. risk burning down the house. It’s probably not a huge risk, but it might short out the outlet or something even if it doesn’t actually burn down the house. Either way, not good. So I’m going with option a.

I have always loved smoothies, and I especially love them in the summer. I’m unlikely to get a new blender soon, so this means I have to find a good smoothie place. This is a problem. There are tons of places where you can buy smoothies. I don’t mean pre-bottled ones, but the blended-to-order kind. However, it seems rather more difficult to find a place that makes really good smoothies. Somewhere they use at least some fresh–not frozen–ingredients, and no juice from concentrate. As far as I know, there are none of those in my neighborhood. Purple Cactus makes pretty tasty smoothies, but I’ve seen them being made, and they’re using mostly frozen fruit. I think almost everywhere I could go for a really good smoothie would require a train ride. And really… is that worth it? Probably not.

So I guess I’ll be drinking a lot less smoothies than I thought I would this summer.

Food in the Sun (just because)


Iggy’s bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomato, and avocado, with a side of strawberries. I also put maple syrup in my coffee, and it tasted very nice.

Possibly a Bad Idea

I recently got some kitchen items that I believed my kitchen needed, whether or not I get around to using them any time soon – like a nice big pot, large baking pan, and a cupcake tin.

Although muffins would probably be the most practical and healthiest option for breaking in my cupcake tin, I had this thought that I really want to make some mini pies.

I’m really hung up on this idea now. I love pie. Really. SO GOOD. And with the cupcake pan method, I could make several different kinds of pie. But pie is a lot of effort, and almost certainly requires a recipe…

My thought right now is to buy the ready-made kind of pie crust to cut down on time, and maybe select up to three different kinds of fillings, look up a recipe so I know what tempt to set the oven on, and then just go for it. I’m not interested in perfection; I want a fun experiment. The worst thing I can do, I think, is burn them, and if that happens, it’s not the end of the world.

Likely I’ll end up with something somewhat resembling pie, but not officially qualifying as pie. I think I’d be happy with that.


Apple is the obvious choice. It is apple pie season. Obviously. I think I’m going to have to buy some nutmeg too…

Maybe I’ll buy some canned “pie filling” and make little cherry pies that taste something like the ones my grandmother used to make.


I need some whipped cream. Definitely.

This might be a project for this weekend. I’ll let you know what happens.

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