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Simple Stir Fry, or My New Grating Dish – Success, basically.

*May favorites page is done, finally! I was a little late, and it wasn’t posted until June. Oops.

There are TONS of stir-fry recipes out there, and since I was improvising, and it didn’t look too pretty in the end, I’m not posting a “recipe” or any pictures of the food itself.

Anyway, the real star of the post is this thing:

Isn't it pretty?

Spanish grating dish. Isn’t it pretty?

My wonderful mom bought me this at Sowa Open market during its opening weekend. And then said she wanted one herself. I don’t know if the guy who was selling them is there every weekend/will be continuing to sell there, but apparently you can get them on Mom.

It came with a stand (which you can kind of see in this picture here), a rubber thing that skins garlic (which didn’t work for me), and a little brush, which is useful for getting the grated stuff out of the dish and into/on your food as well as for cleaning. How the dish works is that no, those are not concentric circles of lines that make it appear textured; it actually is textured. Those are little ridges and in fact you could grate your hand on them, so be careful when using it, even if you’ve been doing it for a while and you’re good at it.

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Ginger Noodles (Have No Soul!)

I was thinking I should prettify the page a little,  give it a header, customize… then I thought, that can wait. If this surprises you, you have not yet read my About page, which I just wrote. Go ahead and do that. I’ll wait.

Instead of new-blog decorating, I thought I would dive in and give the least recipe-related cooking tip I am likely to ever write, based on tonight’s dinner.

Even though I don’t really like it much, I sometimes still eat Ramen. It’s ridiculously easy and, once the water’s boiling, inhumanly fast. Sometimes I doubt it’s made of real food. So, it has two qualities I appreciate in food. But, like I said, I don’t really like it…

I’m sure there are millions of people who add things to their Ramen noodles. If I had some green onions to throw in I would have done that, but they’re not something I usually keep in the house. (That’s another problem with recipes. They require you to either keep your kitchen stocked all the time or go out and buy stuff specifically for the recipe. No thanks…) What I do have, and happily takes only a few extra seconds to toss in, is ground ginger. It adds so much flavor, cuts the saltiness (for me, anyway), and requires no extra utensils.

The thing you have to watch out for is adding too much. Ginger is a pretty strong spice, especially if what you have is any good, and despite how high-sodium those little seasoning packets are, they don’t have that much flavor. Hence the additions… so, start with a very small amount. If you think it needs more, that’s easy enough, right?

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