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On Tasting Boxes and Who to Support

I mentioned in a post a while ago that I’d signed up for some tasting boxes. Love with Food was the first, and Goodies Co. was the second. So far I’ve had three Love with Food boxes (March-May) and one Goodies Co. Box (April).

Love with Food costs slightly more, but they give money to food-related charities with every box you buy, so that’s pretty much worth it. In terms of the foods you get, They both seem good, not that different, and in fact Love with Food seems a bit more creative in their choices. I also really like that they have a theme for every box. Because Goodies Co is in beta right now, I get “founder” status, which I thought was pretty cool (even though it means nothing).

The first thing about the Goodies Co box that I noticed was that the box itself was bigger. At first that was exciting, but really, doesn’t that just mean that Love with Food is wasting less trees? It didn’t seem like they actually sent more food.

It was when I received that box that I started thinking, oh, crap. Why? Because, right there on the return address, it said “”

I went to the site, poked around, and discovered that yes, Goodies Co is organized/run/whatever by Walmart. They weren’t hiding it, but they certainly didn’t put it anywhere on the site I would have seen until I was looking for it.

I have never, ever been a fan of Walmart. I can’t explain exactly why, it just always put me off. The only times I remember actually going into the store was during college, when there was a location down the street and it was just easier to get there than to the real grocery store. You could find all kinds of random stuff there, and during college convenience often wins. But even then, I only went there a handful of times. And I don’t think I’ve been in one since.

I’m not saying that to brag about my avoidance of walmart (although I am quite proud of myself), but to let you know that they’re not a company I’m really interested in supporting. So when I found out that I’d signed up for a service provided by them, therefore making them money, I started to really consider whether I should keep that subscription. Then, this morning, I saw this article about Walmart posted on facebook. And I figurately almost threw up. My brain was throwing up. I mean, I wasn’t surprised, but still horrified. Why do huge companies think it’s ok to prioritize making and keeping the most money possible over building good relations with the people around them? The saddest thing is that Walmart manages to have any hourly employees at all, considering that stuff like this goes on, but jobs are scarce enough. I’m sure not all of them are really like this, but I would doubt many people really like working there.

So, without needing to know that every single Walmart employee experience is like this one, my desire to not associate with Walmart was strengthened. I cancelled my subscription. The May box already shipped this week, so I will get that box and then no more. Whatever benefits I get from it are not really worth spending my money at a business I dislike this much.

Before I head off, I would like to say that I am not telling YOU, reading this, not to subscribe to Goodies Co. or shop at Walmart. That is for you to decide. And I’m not telling you to subscribe to Love with Food either. I’m just giving you my thoughts and you can figure out yourself if you’re going to take any of my words to heart. If you want my recommendation, I think you can deduce from this post which one I think you should get.

It’s Food

Uh oh… I’ve been neglecting my recipe-less life. I can’t remember if I’ve made anything worth writing about lately. I’m going to have to assume I haven’t… I’m sorry! I’ll just have to come up with something to say.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so I assume everyone is drinking green beer or Guinness or Irish whiskey, or Bailey’s, or something like that. Or eating soda bread, potatoes, butter, irish style bacon, stew, or anything someone once told you was a very Irish thing to eat. I’m wearing a green t-shirt, and I’m going to heat up some of my seasoned curly fries as part of dinner. Potatoes are so Irish! No alcohol for me today. And really… I don’t care.

Last weekend I went to Bertucci’s with my dad, and as usual I really think my family’s recipe for meatballs can’t be beat. I forget how to make them though. I ate a LOT and somehow went home with three salads and a bunch of other leftovers.

I have also finally been to one of the many Mexican places in my neighborhood, a place called Acapulco – I tried the enchiladas. Good, but I wonder if some of their other options are better. The week after that, I went to Tres Gatos, a tapas restaurant/bookstore. The food is very tasty, but the ambiance isn’t great (it was really loud in there), and I’ve been to other tapas places I definitely prefer. I would definitely go there again, but only once in a while.

In actual news, I subscribed to two different tasting boxes and received my first one from Love with Food!

IMG_20130312_190114       IMG_20130312_190332












I’ve heard that some bloggers get paid to review the stuff in their boxes. I would be happy to be one of them, but I am not, so I’m not planning to go through the contents of each box and talk about them. I might note anything that really stood out, like this time, the Cosmos salted caramel corn snacks. They had the consistency of cheese puffs, and more of a buttery than caramely flavor. I gave the chocolate covered wasabi peas to my roommate, because I didn’t think I’d want them.

Love with Food is a good one to subscribe to, because there’s a charitable aspect. They give food to the needy for every box you purchase, or something… I don’t know the details, but you can look it up on their site.

The other one I ordered, Goodies Co., I won’t get until April. They’re cheap, $7 a month, and availability is limited because they’re in beta mode, but I think I waited a week or two before they emailed me that I could get the box.

The point of these boxes for me is to reduce the need to buy snack items at the grocery store. And of course, if I find that what I get is not really worth the investment for me, then I can always stop getting the boxes. We’ll have to see how it goes. For now I am sure I’ll be happy enough with them, as it’s under $20 a month for both boxes.

And, in food news, that really is pretty much all I have to say. Not too exciting, I know. I’m going to have to make something interesting to fix that, and in the meantime I might have other life adventures to share with you.

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