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Follow the Yellow Blog Road

It’s not really yellow. I just didn’t feel like thinking of a pun for it.

Exciting news: I’ve broken 100 followers! It’s very gratifying for me that this has happened, especially considering I have only had this blog a little more than a year. I realize 100 isn’t that many, when you look at how many views you need to have “real” visibility (whatever that means), but the triple digits is a nice place to be.

It’s a little bit bittersweet when I think about the fact that it took me three years of posting on my writing blog to get that many followers. Maybe I just used to be really bad at blogging. Maybe no one likes my creative work (not the case, but I doubt I’ll ever be a popular writer). Most likely, it’s that food posts are bound to be seen because people love food so much, they want to read about it in between meals. (Or during meals.)

My writing blog is feeling jealous, is the point. But I haven’t been posting much there, so I guess it’s only to be expected that I would not be gaining followers very quickly. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by life, and as such writing has not been taking very much of my time at all (even though I’ve been thinking about writing pretty much nonstop).

But writing with the aim of gaining followers is not the way to go. Of course I want people to be interested in my blogs (and tumblr, and youtube channel…) but I want followers who really like what I have to say, who appreciate ME and my work, rather than those who found me because I jumped on the twerk-writing bandwagon. I want quality followers, more than quantity.

But quantity would be good too.

I am thinking of starting to revamp this blog a little bit. I want to rewrite “My Food Credo” a bit. It was originally written as an explanation of my foodstyle (a word I still want to make catch on) and also a justification for it. I need no justification. I’d rather try to explain how I feel about food a little more eloquently, and readers can find out for themselves what it is I eat and cook.

I might do a Recipes tab–except, it will be a non-recipes tab, because, well, duh. That way, it will be easier for people who want to find certain types of food.

Yesterday, I made a Real Dinner for the first time in a while. Salmon fillet baked in tinfoil with butter and herbs, sauteed asparagus, also in better and herbs, and tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The vinegar made the whole plate a mess, but that’s ok. Overall it was delicious. And I just kind of threw everything together, absolutely no recipes, and I like it better that way. My asparagus (asparagi?) were nice and thick, the salmon leaning a little more toward underdone, and therefore wonderfully moist and flaky. As someone who loves salmon sushi, I was even tempted to just eat it raw (but I don’t think I really would have).

I would have taken a picture to show you, but as always I was much more focused on eating, and by the time the salmon was done I had eaten half the tomatoes and asparagus anyway.

It’s Only Tuesday?!! Ugh…

I went out during a break in the (awesome) rain with the intent of getting a cup of coffee.


I am currently drink an Orange Spice Iced Coffee, of the dreaded Starbucks variety. It’s certainly the most interesting coffee that I’ve had in a long time.

It’s not quite to my taste, that is, as something I would order again. It’s an interesting flavor experiment, but I prefer regular coffee or tea. It might be a good beverage, I can’t really tell.

I definitely wouldn’t call it good coffee though. But I generally only think Starbucks coffee is good if I buy the beans and brew it at home. So that could just be me.

I could probably write in detail about why Starbucks’ coffee is not actually good, why they’re inferior to the single-cup pour over places that charge like $3 for just a regular cup of coffee (as opposed to $1.95+tax for a grande). When I go to a local, independent cafe, I do in fact think the coffee tastes better.

But, you know what? I’m not a coffee expert. If you like Starbucks coffee, that doesn’t mean your palate’s just not as sophisticated as mine. (It might, but I don’t take it that way.) I just know what I like. And I still buy Starbucks coffee, if not as often as I did before. I’ve mentioned in at least one previous post how I feel about this leviathan chain. I don’t love them, for sure. But I don’t hate them either. As far as “evil” corporations go, I don’t think they’re that close to the top of the list. And they have done wonders for making coffee convenient, even if you have to spend more to get the REALLY good stuff.

So thanks, Starbucks…

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