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Warning: Posts Ahead!

I know I keep saying that I’m going to be posting more often, and then I don’t, and there are several reasons for it. All of them at the core are due to laziness or insecurity, or sometimes just dealing with life and not being at all in the mood to blog…

But I’ve got a number of posts planned, and a (somewhat nebulous) idea of how I want to proceed with this site. Some of these upcoming posts will be very think-y and have nothing to do with food or lifestyle, which was the main purpose of this blog–but as I’ve said before, the REAL purpose of this blog is to do things the way I want. It’s not the no-recipe kitchen or no-recipe fashion. As it always was, it is an approach to life that allows for changes and adjustments whenever I decide they’re appropriate.

I also plan to change the theme, eventually. I like the current structure for the site, but I don’t think the design is right. I’m in the process of utilizing Skillcrush to FINALLY learn some coding, and I’m hoping that will help me design the site as I really want it to be. Of course, in order to do that I’ll probably have to learn some photoshop skills as well, and acquire good software that I can’t afford.

For other content, related and unrelated, check me out on youtube, username norecipewriter, or instagram @norecipelife. My youtube videos are probably going to become more thoughtful and hopefully better production-wise (although I still have the bare minimum of equipment and terrible lighting at the moment…), but are not likely to be frequent in the near future. Too much other stuff going on. For writing-related stuff, check out my other blog,

Also, I’ve heard at least one person say they’re not getting notifications of my posts anymore, so you may have to re-subscribe if you want them.

That’s all for now, but I promise in the next week or two there will be quite a bit more! Yell at me if there isn’t!

What Could Be Better?

Having acquired quite a large amount (probably too much) of things that I don’t necessarily need, I’m starting to become more discerning in my acquisitions and thinking about the things I really feel like I need. What would actually improve my quality of life in general? Bit by bit I’m starting to collect those things, but there are some that in my experience are just really difficult.

1. The first is winter-specific, and that is thin, warm sweaters and tops. I am not really a fan of bulky or chunky sweaters that tend to abound in colder-climated places. They do absolutely nothing for my figure, and this is (sometimes disproportionately, I’m sure) important to me. The one really cozy sweater I have is not very bulky and hangs nicely. I have one or two more fitted, long-sleeved tops that are not bad for providing warmth, but I still have to layer them with another sweater on very cold days.

While I’m on the subject, I also am in desperate need of winter boots that look good with skirts or dresses. I mean actually weatherproof, will keep out snow and rain, but also moderately dressy and don’t make my pencil skirts look ridiculous. A few weeks ago I realized that the cold itself was not my only reason for wearing jeans every single day–it was because I don’t like how my boots look with skirts.

I need items that help me stick to my style in the winter instead of just defaulting to jeans and the same few nice tops or layers of cardigans, scarves, and tees all winter long. I’m too fancy for my winter clothes. I will have to start trying to fix this problem next winter.

2. This morning I found myself really wishing for a travel mug that does not change the flavor of my coffee, but also keeps it warm. Any time I take coffee in my metal ones, it tastes odd, very different from how it tastes in a normal mug. When I use my ceramic travel mug, which I bought because it had a picture of a peacock on it, the coffee is cold within 15 minutes. And, occasionally, the rubber top tastes weird to me. I shouldn’t have to taste the lid of my travel mug.

I don’t think this is such a problem for everyone else. It’s not something I’ve ever heard others complain about, from what I can recall. I also want one without a Starbucks logo, and made from eco-friendly materials. Any suggestions?

3. For at least ten years I have been searching for a great skincare routine. In the past few years my acne has subsided a bit as my skin naturally became a little less oily, but I still have that pesky “combination” skin–some oily areas, some a little dry at times, others normal. I need a collection of products that are effective but gentle–because I hated using cleansers and such that would completely dry out some areas of my face. I need a routine that does not need twelve different products every day (my maximum that I’m willing to deal with is 7 or so), but really improves my skin in all ways–smaller pores, no blackheads, fewer blemishes, that “glow” everyone’s always talking about. And then it also has to make pimples go away more quickly; I’m sick of getting these spots that hang around for several weeks before they finally start to diminish, sometimes even with regular use of a spot treatment.

My current skincare routine is okay, having abandoned the harsher acne cleansers I used to use for some gentle, more natural products. In many ways they work much better for me, but I feel like my pores are getting larger by the day. Supposedly this is common as you age, but I don’t want them to be so huge no matter how old I am, so I’ve got a few brands in mind to try. I worry, though, that by the time I find the products that really work, my skin will be changing again and I’ll have to restart the search.

4. This is something that I assume I won’t have to buy, but is very hard for me to find: A time management guide. I have some issues with time management, one of them being that I hate routines that have me doing the same exact thing every day. Minor changes don’t count (like “today I have yogurt for breakfast and tomorrow I’ll have eggs”). I start to get very restless and going back and forth to and from the same places and activities every day becomes monotonous before too long. So the most typical advice of mapping out your day and setting aside particular times to do things makes me resistant because I don’t like being so closely scheduled. I prefer freedom, flexibility, options. I need the room for spontaneity even if it’s only used once in a while, or I start to feel suffocated. So I need some sort of time management buddy that allows me to organize things without planning out each day precisely. I have yet to find one that works for me.

These are the most prominent in my mind right now. There are other things as well, but those are more of long-term goals. Like owning nice furniture that I actually want to look at. I like dark wood, probably because it always seems to look nicer. Even cheap dark wood looks like better quality than light wood. Of course, I’m hesitant to buy any furniture right now. Not only do I not have the money, but I don’t want to acquire so many large pieces in my current apartment. I’m still hoping I won’t be stuck there for that much longer.

So what about you? What things do you feel like you need to make your life better/easier/more enjoyable? I want to know!

It’s (Blog) Morphin’ Time!

Get ready, because change is coming. Back when I reached 100 followers I mentioned that I was going to make a few updates to the blog, mold it a bit into a slightly cooler thing. And then I didn’t. But now I’m going to do it. I totally am. If I don’t, then you should remind me I said I would.

Here’s my basic plan:

  • I’m going to change the theme, because it’s a really easy way to make a blog feel refreshed. It will still be something fairly simple and with the same basic setup, probably.
  • I will remove the “Monthly Favorites” tab and just do favorites posts instead. That way, when I skip months, like I’ve been doing since August, it won’t be so obvious.
  • New tabs will appear, for things I have been thinking about doing. The biggest one will be a “Life” tab, which will feature posts about my thoughts on/approach to aspects of life in a larger sense. Once I start making posts, you’ll see what I mean by that. I am also thinking about making a shopping tab, because I love shopping and I keep wanting to write about it. I know it’s totally silly and frivolous, but in the end I do blog for me, so I’ll do what I want! The main content will be store/website reviews and tips, and maybe there will be some hauls stuck in there too. Although I don’t haul. I just buy one or two things at once, usually. I am also considering a restaurant/cafe review tab. I think Cafenation would have to be the first one up there.
  • I will actually rewrite My Food Credo, as I had said I was planning to do.
  • My links and contact info will remain the same.


That’s really all I have so far. This is an intended project to be done by the beginning of December. It will probably be something I do in stages, though–I’m thinking this weekend I’ll change the theme and make the Monthly Favorites tab go away, which will be very simple steps. (So if you want to see what I’ve liked, you should look now, while you can!)

And that’s the story. I thought that if I wrote all this out, I would be much more likely to follow through.

Follow the Yellow Blog Road

It’s not really yellow. I just didn’t feel like thinking of a pun for it.

Exciting news: I’ve broken 100 followers! It’s very gratifying for me that this has happened, especially considering I have only had this blog a little more than a year. I realize 100 isn’t that many, when you look at how many views you need to have “real” visibility (whatever that means), but the triple digits is a nice place to be.

It’s a little bit bittersweet when I think about the fact that it took me three years of posting on my writing blog to get that many followers. Maybe I just used to be really bad at blogging. Maybe no one likes my creative work (not the case, but I doubt I’ll ever be a popular writer). Most likely, it’s that food posts are bound to be seen because people love food so much, they want to read about it in between meals. (Or during meals.)

My writing blog is feeling jealous, is the point. But I haven’t been posting much there, so I guess it’s only to be expected that I would not be gaining followers very quickly. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by life, and as such writing has not been taking very much of my time at all (even though I’ve been thinking about writing pretty much nonstop).

But writing with the aim of gaining followers is not the way to go. Of course I want people to be interested in my blogs (and tumblr, and youtube channel…) but I want followers who really like what I have to say, who appreciate ME and my work, rather than those who found me because I jumped on the twerk-writing bandwagon. I want quality followers, more than quantity.

But quantity would be good too.

I am thinking of starting to revamp this blog a little bit. I want to rewrite “My Food Credo” a bit. It was originally written as an explanation of my foodstyle (a word I still want to make catch on) and also a justification for it. I need no justification. I’d rather try to explain how I feel about food a little more eloquently, and readers can find out for themselves what it is I eat and cook.

I might do a Recipes tab–except, it will be a non-recipes tab, because, well, duh. That way, it will be easier for people who want to find certain types of food.

Yesterday, I made a Real Dinner for the first time in a while. Salmon fillet baked in tinfoil with butter and herbs, sauteed asparagus, also in better and herbs, and tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The vinegar made the whole plate a mess, but that’s ok. Overall it was delicious. And I just kind of threw everything together, absolutely no recipes, and I like it better that way. My asparagus (asparagi?) were nice and thick, the salmon leaning a little more toward underdone, and therefore wonderfully moist and flaky. As someone who loves salmon sushi, I was even tempted to just eat it raw (but I don’t think I really would have).

I would have taken a picture to show you, but as always I was much more focused on eating, and by the time the salmon was done I had eaten half the tomatoes and asparagus anyway.

News: The Blogging

I have at least two posts to give you here with real content, but I’ve been sucked into the world of trying to get my blogs formatted the way I want. It’s more difficult than you might think. I keep changing things, then changing them back, wondering if I think it’s good enough or if I should change it again. Luckily, the option to change everything about your blog is always available, so if I’m not happy with the changes in two weeks, I can redo them again.

I’ve been thinking about the blog background. I like the colors a lot, but I’m not sure a jellyfish is the right image for the whole idea of my blog, so that might be changing too. But I don’t have a good replacement, so why bother changing it? Anyone have any suggestions of what you would like to look at in your peripheral vision while reading my posts? (The jellyfish picture comes from the stock images on my computer, by the way.)

I got the whole pages menu back, after that brief period of having accidentally deleted them. Sorry about that. I have completely rewritten my “About” page. I definitely think you should have a glance. At present, my other two page categories are “foodstyle” and “monthly favorites.” If you click on the Foodstyle tab, it will probably be self-explanatory. The Monthly Favorites was inspired by the thing that is usually done by youtube vloggers, and that is pretty self-explanatory as well. I’d expect it’s much easier to do this in video form, because you can just hold the items in front of the camera and talk about them. I’ll have to settle for very low-quality pictures with my phone, until I can acquire a digital camera that works. In the meantime, my March Favorites, the first pass at it, are currently up, so go ahead and have a look if you are interested.

I have been working a bit on my writing blog as well, reformatting and trying to figure out how I want to present everything there. That’s still in process.

Last, but not least, I have caved and joined twitter. Really, I just had a moment when I really didn’t want anyone else to get the chance to take @devawriting. If you’re on twitter, tell me your name and I might follow you! I’ve just started, so I don’t know if it’ll be worth it to follow me yet.

Well, I should finish my procrastination activities for now and get back to editing. I decided to work tonight so I wouldn’t have to do quite as much this week, but I don’t think it’ll end up being much more than an hour total. Oops…

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