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Damn If I Know

Off and on for a few months now, I’ve had a craving for a hot dog. This is probably the strangest craving I’ve ever had. I never really liked hot dogs that much. I always smothered them in ketchup, to the point where most of the flavor was, in fact, ketchup. It would be easy enough to buy hot dogs at the store and just have one, but the problem is that I just want one. One hot dog, one time. If I bought a whole package of them, at least four would go to waste. And I know you can get them at some restaurants or food trucks, but if I’m going out to eat, I’m not getting a hot dog.

Besides, the whole mystery meat thing is pretty off-putting.

People who use a nextbus-like app will know what I’m talking about now:

Sometimes, I’ll check the app to see when the bus will arrive as I’m waiting. The app predicts that the bus is running on time, and updates accordingly. I refresh as it gets close to arriving to make sure I’m not missing something. I watch the road. The app says the bus has come and gone, but it definitely hasn’t.

What’s that crap about? They don’t track buses that aren’t running, so… what’s the deal? Did the bus take some weird detour and skip that stop? Did it drive off into an alternate dimension? Probably.

Life’s strange mysteries.

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