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Woe Is Wednesday…

Well. Last night I decided I should make a pizza bagel for dinner, after buying bagels from Cafenation. It was very tasty but, of course, being pizza, it burned the roof of my mouth. So breakfast this morning was a little painful.

Worse, though, was the sad state of my coffee. I don’t know what happened exactly, but it wasn’t good today. It wasn’t terrible, so I drank it anyway. But I was kind of sad about it. Between that and how bad my hair looks today, I am not loving this Wednesday. I’m also very very tired, I think I need several days to just sleep.

Woe. Woe is me.

So the debate going on in my head is should I just have unsatisfying coffee today, or should I go out and get some? It should be an easy answer. It would help me be a little bit warmer in this freezing cold office (I’m exaggerating, but I am definitely cold), and I tend to go out for some food or drink every day, sometimes even just to get out of the office for a few minutes. But I’ve done very badly with my money this month so I would like, ideally, to spend as little as possible until whenever it is next week that I get my paycheck.

But coffee.

And sadness.

And so the debate goes. And screw it, I’m probably going to go get a coffee. I should be able to spend $2-4 today without a problem…

I think this problem could have been very easily avoided if I could have worked from home today. In fact, it would eliminate many problems if I could work from home. Logistically, I could do it. My tasks are generally things I do at a computer by myself, so…

Life is NOT fair. It’s not even close.

Monday Madness: . . .

I really should do this first thing in the morning, so I don’t forget/almost forget. But that would probably mean waking up earlier, and waking up on Monday sucks enough as it is.

I survived without any coffee today. It was odd. I didn’t have any half and half, and I still don’t like black coffee unless it’s iced (and also really good), so I had tea instead. Tea is always recommended as a “substitute” for coffee, but it tastes so different that it is not a proper replacement. Tea should not be considered a coffee stand-in, but a tasty beverage in its own right. The range of flavors for tea is much more dramatic than coffee, which always tastes kind of the same on certain basic levels. Tea tastes drastically different depending on with what it is infused.

Chai is my favorite. Chai is like the god of beverages. Well, I guess that would have to be water, actually. This paragraph makes no sense, please ignore it.

I don’t really have anything interesting to say right now. Monday Madness fail. Oh well. I’m tired and I had no coffee today.

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