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Monday Madness: A Travesty of Coffee or The 6:30 Conundrum

Monday mornings, generally being the re-start of waking up entirely too early for my tastes, can be very unpleasant.

I really think that the biggest morning problem I have is not being able to get into the bathroom.

I’m not a fan of waking up too much before 8. Especially if I’m not too excited about what I’m doing that day. However, since I do in fact have to get up and go to work, 6:30 would really be the perfect time to get up. However, that is usually the time my roommate goes to get into the shower. And here, I have a huge problem.

Generally the first thing I do, whether or not I’m showering in the morning, is head to the bathroom. It’s so ingrained as a habit that if I know the bathroom is occupied, I just WON’T get up. The delay should just be twenty minutes or so, and I could probably still do just fine if I got up at 7. But I can’t seem to do that. I either get up at (or before) 6:30, or continue to press snooze until well after 7–occasionally almost 8am, at which point I can’t do anything but get dressed and run out the door. No choice but to buy both breakfast and lunch, unless I happen to have some easy-to-grab yogurt and fruit.

This morning I managed to drag myself up around 7:30, after having my plans of getting up at 6:30 foiled yet again by the sound of the shower turning on. (To clarify: this is my fault, not my roommate’s. I don’t absolutely have to do the bathroom first. It’s mostly just stubbornness.) Yes, I went right into the bathroom. Then I put on a pot of coffee, and scrounged some form of easy breakfast.

Not really having time to relax with breakfast, my “second” cup (really third, if you consider the size of the mug I use) went into a travel mug. A horrible, coffee-flavor-altering travel mug.

I like travel mugs in theory, but I have two problems with them:

1) All my mugs but one seem to change the flavor of the coffee, so it tastes like pretty much nothing, with a slight tinge of coffee and plastic/metal. It’s pretty gross, generally. I have one ceramic travel mug, and it doesn’t do that. You know what else it doesn’t do? Keep my coffee the slightest bit warm.

2) The only beverage I ever use travel mugs for is coffee.

MUGS MATTER. I thought I could get around this this morning, but in the end it made me feel very disappointed with my morning. I don’t believe it’s the caffeine that really perks me up, but the flavor and the time spent lingering over my delicious roast. Coffee that tastes bad just defeats the entire purpose. The morning ritual is not fully necessary, and some people don’t need it at all. However, to grumpy risers like me, it’s very important. Without an uncomplicated, unstressful morning, I can’t have a really GOOD work day.

Coffee? Tea? What to do!

This is not a post about which one I prefer, because I really like them both in different circumstances.

First of all, I believe that people who think coffee tastes bad just have never had good coffee. And that is sad. By the way, instant coffee is terrible. It tastes like death’s ass. Seriously.

This post was brought on by some happenings of today. Let me explain…

Without boring you with the details, I didn’t have time for coffee before work this morning. It was very sad. I don’t have coffee every morning, but I do have it often and it’s a nice way to perk up. It’s also quite delicious. It was clear I would have to settle on tea today, so I thought, there’s Irish Breakfast in the kitchen if I remember correctly, I’ll have some of that.

When I got to work and went to make my tea, I read the “decaf” label on the box just in time to stop opening the individual teabag package. I hope it’s clear by now: I was incredibly disappointed. While I do really like the taste of Irish Breakfast, the whole point was really the caffeine.

“Fine, I’ll just have PG Tips.” I acquired a box of 40 or 50 PG Tips black tea bags a while ago from someone who didn’t want it. I said that I would take it so that it wouldn’t be wasted. It’s sitting on a shelf in my office right now. So I went back to my desk and dropped one of their little pyramids in it.

It has now been officially decided: I hate PG Tips. I don’t know what it is about this tea, but it makes me feel physically sick when I drink it. Before today I had only noticed it happening when I had a cup of coffee soon before, so I thought it was just the combination that didn’t agree with me. Now I know that was not the case. Rather, some quality of PG Tips black tea makes me feel like throwing up about 80% of the times I drink it.

I hate to give bad reviews; the stuff I want to complain about always seems so circumstantial. If I’ve been to a restaurant several times and it’s sucked every time, I just don’t go there or recommend it to my friends. I’m not going to waste time slamming them on yelp or in a blog post. What does that actually accomplish? Do yelp reviews actually affect a place’s business? I’m seriously asking. Anyone know?

Well, that was a digression. As I was saying, I hate to give bad reviews, but I am completely done with this product. I still have a fair number of teabags left in this box and I’m pretty sure I’m going to throw them away. I can’t drink that stuff anymore, I hate the sensation I get afterward — and I’m not going to keep it if I’m not going to drink it. I would offer it to someone else, but … considering how little I like it, why would I want to make someone else experience that?

Although the monkey guy on their website, if you go to it, is pretty funny.


I’m just going to stick to what I know. Trader Joe’s brand tea, Twinings, Stash, Adagio. Give me some Lapsang Souchong.

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